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Bedroom Units

Bedroom Units

High quality bedroom units manufactured to order from 18mm Egger board in a wide range of finishes. From wardrobes to knee hole unit drawers, we have a full range of units available. Most units come in custom as well as standard sizes.

Our bedroom wardrobe units are available as standard and combination wardrobes as well as angled and corner wardrobes. Tallboy bedroom units are available in various heights. Our 760mm high standard height units offer highline, drawerline and drawer units including single drawers for knee hole applications. Bedside units are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Bridging units are also available to span between wardrobes.

Doors and drawer fronts are mot included with the units. These are available in the bedroom doors and drawer fronts section. All bedroom units and wardrobes that contain drawers are now supplied with high quality Blum Tandembox soft close drawer boxes and runners as standard.

Made to Measure Bedroom Units

One of the easiest ways to find low cost bedroom units is to visit furniture stores and purchase the standard bedside cabinets, wardrobes, and drawer units that are displayed. However, this poses one very big problem - getting the right size and shape for your bedroom. Many components of fitted bedrooms come in standard sizes, such as a 350x480x540mm bedside cabinet, or a 300x600x2260mm wardrobe, for example. If you’ve got the type of bedroom that would benefit from these standard sizes, then great! However, not all bedrooms are perfectly square, perfectly sized, or perfectly accommodating of ‘off the rack’ furniture. The furniture industry has attempted to acknowledge this problem by introducing more alternative furniture, such as corner units and bridge units, but the only way you’re going to get a completely true fit, and make the best of the space available to you, is to order made to measure bedroom units.

Bespoke bedroom units mean that you can be 100 percent sure that the bedroom units you order will not only fit into your room, but will also adjoin effortlessly to other furniture. Using a tape measure and a good fitting and measuring guide, you determine how big, or how small, each unit should be. If you’re thinking about getting replacement bedroom units and have never been entirely happy with the layout of your room, you should consider ordering custom-sized furniture when you redecorate, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re one of these lucky homeowners whose bedroom is perfectly designed to welcome standard size furniture, such as a 760mm unit, we offer that too!

Bedside Cabinets

When you’re ordering made to measure bedroom units, you’ll often have three different choices when it comes to bedside cabinets - standard cabinets, highline cabinets, and drawerline cabinets. Each option is cost effective and stylish, and they all have their own benefits and little quirks. Which you choose should be based upon what you intend to use the cabinets for.

Standard cabinets - These are what probably come to mind when you think about bedside cabinets. It’s the standard two or three drawer style that’s perfect for keeping small, fiddly objects, bedtime necessities, and important documents, for example. These standard cabinets tend to be the tallest option, especially if you opt for the three drawer model, but if you order bespoke bedroom units you can specify the exact height you require.

Highline cabinets - These are a little more unusual, but are still highly useful and effective in the bedroom. More of a cupboard than a set of drawers, these bedroom units tend to have a shelf dividing the top and bottom of the cupboard. They’re an excellent choice if you need to store larger items near to the bed, and can also be used to store clothes, uniforms, and shoes ready to wear the following day. 640mm is a standard height for these units, but you can choose to custom order based on your own measurements.

Drawerline cabinets - If you can’t decide between drawers and shelves, then a drawerline cabinet is perfect. It’s a happy medium, a wonderful combination of the two. Cupboard at the bottom, drawer at the top, there’s nothing you can’t store safely and securely here. As with the highline cabinets, the standard height is 640mm, but we can create cabinets to match your specifications.

Wardrobe Units

If there’s one defining piece of fitted bedrooms, its an amazing wardrobe. Choosing your wardrobe isn’t a decision to take lightly - you want something that fits into your room, makes the best use of the space available, and has adequate storage for anything you may want to store, including clothes, shoes, underwear, pajamas, dressing gowns, towels, cosmetics, or health and beauty products.

Standard wardrobe - Standard wardrobes are ideal for those wanting a tall space in which to hang clothes such as suits, shirts and dresses that cannot be folded. The available hanging space almost reaches from top to bottom, with just a small, removable shelf at the top for keeping smaller object, such as shoes and slippers.

Wardrobe shelf units - These are the complete opposite of a standard wardrobe. Rather than boasting plenty of hanging space, they instead incorporate a number of shelves. These wardrobes are best suited to those needing to store folded clothes that can be kept neatly on the different shelves.

Combination wardrobe - These wardrobes are a blend of drawers and hanging space which have a moderate hanging space at the top. They’re great for those who utilise both pull out drawer space and hanging space, although the hanging length is compromised, so very long garments, such as maxi dresses, may need to be folded through the hanger.

Of course, we understand that not all bedrooms accommodate square, angular furniture, so we also offer a range of more alternative wardrobes such as corner units, angled units, and diagonal units. Whatever the size or shape of your bedroom, no matter how bizarre and non-conformed it may be, we have something to suit. The standard wardrobe height is 2260mm, but by ordering bespoke bedroom units, you can customise your furniture exactly how you want. 

Quality and Fittings

Regardless of the type of replacement bedroom units you choose you can be sure that all models that leave our warehouse are of the highest quality. We use solid 18mm egger board backs which makes our products strong and sturdy. We also offer you a wide range of finishes, drawer boxes, handles, and hinges. Our finishes range from the more traditional Avola Cream and Dark Walnut to the more contemporary High Gloss Paprika and Riven Lime. We offer both standard drawer closures and soft close drawers (great if you’ve got kids as they won’t trap their fingers!), along with hinges that vary from 30 degree openings to 170 degrees. If you’re looking to make a statement with your cabinet handles, we have just the solution. Ranging from traditional wooden knobs to contemporary chrome handles, we’re confident you can find something you’ll love. The choices are almost endless, so browse our website and see what tickles your fancy. 

Bedroom Units

Bedside Units

Bedside Units

Bedside cupboards and drawer units.
Standard Height Bedroom Units

Standard Height Bedroom Units

Bedroom units, drawer units & knee hole drawers.
Tallboy Bedroom Units

Tallboy Bedroom Units

Tallboy bedroom units with 4, 5 or 6 drawers.
Wardrobe Units

Wardrobe Units

Bedroom wardrobe units in all forms.
Bedroom Bridging Units

Bedroom Bridging Units

Bedroom wardrobe bridging units.
Plinths and Panels


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Double wardrobe bedroom units

Double Wardrobes

Codes: robe8, robe9, robe10, robe12

from (inc. VAT)£173.83

View more details
single wardrobe units - single hanging

Single Wardrobe

Codes: robe3sh, robe4sh, robe45sh, robe5sh, robe6sh

from (inc. VAT)£145.30

View more details
Double wardrobe bedroom shelf units

Double Wardrobe Shelf Units

Codes: robe8su, robe9su, robe10su, robe12su

from (inc. VAT)£267.02

View more details

Single Wardrobe Shelf Units

Codes: robe3su, robe4su, robe45su, robe5su, robe6su

from (inc. VAT)£191.89

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double width combination linen press wardrobe

Double Combination Wardrobe - Linen Press

Codes: crobe8, crobe9, crobe10

from (inc. VAT)£317.71

View more details
single width combination wardrobe - linen press wardrobe

Single Combination Wardrobe - Linen Press

Codes: crobe3, crobe4, crobe45, crobe5, crobe6

from (inc. VAT)£231.12

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corner wardrobe units for bedroom fitted wardrobes

Wardrobe Corner Units

Codes: robec9, robec10, robec6-4

from (inc. VAT)£222.36

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Angled bedroom wardrobe unit

Angled Wardrobe Unit

Codes: robe3a, robe4a

from (inc. VAT)£159.82

View more details
Diagonal corner wardrobe units

Diagonal Corner Wardrobe

Code: robe9dc45

from (inc. VAT)£296.18

View more details
5 drawer tallboy bedroom unit - 1000mm high

Bedroom Tallboy Units 1000mm High

Codes: tboy451, tboy551, tboy651, tboy851, tboy1051

from (inc. VAT)£251.54

View more details
1180mm high bedroom tallboy unit with 6 drawers

Bedroom Tallboy Units 1180mm High

Codes: tboy461, tboy561, tboy661, tboy861, tboy1061

from (inc. VAT)£291.17

View more details
4 drawer bedroom tall boy unit 980mm high

Bedroom Tallboy Units 980mm High

Codes: tboy442, tboy542, tboy642, tboy842, tboy1042

from (inc. VAT)£211.92

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Double drawerline bedroom units

Standard Height Double Drawerline Bedroom Unit

Codes: shd8, shd10

from (inc. VAT)£173.14

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double drawerline unit with full width single  drawer

Standard Height Double Drawerline Unit - Wide Drawer

Codes: shd8w, shd10w

from (inc. VAT)£133.20

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Double highline bedroom unit - standard height

Standard Height Double Highline Bedroom Units

Codes: sh8, sh10

from (inc. VAT)£93.26

View more details
Standard Height Single Drawerline Bedroom Unit

Standard Height Single Drawerline Bedroom Units

Codes: shd3, shd4, shd45, shd5, shd6

from (inc. VAT)£108.86

View more details

Standard Height Single Highline Bedroom Units

Codes: sh3, sh4, sh45, sh5, sh6

from (inc. VAT)£68.93

View more details
3 drawer standard height bedroom drawer unit

Standard Height 3 Drawer Bedroom Units

Code: sddx3 range

from (inc. VAT)£173.71

View more details
Standard height bedroom 4 drawer unit

Standard Height 4 Drawer Bedroom Unit A

Code: sddax4 range

from (inc. VAT)£208.58

View more details
4 drawer standard height bedroom unit

Standard Height 4 Drawer Bedroom Unit B

Code: sddbx4 range

from (inc. VAT)£208.58

View more details
120mm high knee hole bedroom drawer unit

Knee Hole Bedroom Drawer Unit 120mm High

Codes: kn6, kn8

from (inc. VAT)£63.06

View more details
145mm high knee hole bedroom drawer unit for 140mm drawer

Knee Hole Bedroom Drawer Unit 145mm High

Codes: kn6h, kn8h

from (inc. VAT)£66.80

View more details
2 drawer bedside cabinet

Bedside Cabinets 2 Drawer - Low

Codes: bl2d3, bl2d35, bl2d4, bl2d45, bl2d5

from (inc. VAT)£136.15

View more details
Bedroom units bedside cabinet - highline bedside cabinet

Highline Bedside Cabinet - Low

Code: bll range

from (inc. VAT)£55.82

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Bedroom units bedside cabinet - highline bedside cabinet

Highline Bedside Cabinet - Medium

Code: blm range

from (inc. VAT)£58.62

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