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Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen Handles

Handles and knobs are an important aspect of any fitted kitchen or replacement kitchen door project and will perfect your overall kitchen look. Browse our extensive range of kitchen cabinet handles and choose from modern stainless steel bar and rod handles in a variety of sizes, or more traditional wooden knobs that come in different finishes and materials. Our door handles are available in aluminium, chrome, nickel, pewter, black painted, cast iron and ceramics. You can also purchase our easy to use handle jig from this section; it makes drilling for any type of handle a pushover.

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Choosing the right kitchen door handle

When homeowners plan to have a new kitchen fitted, it’s all about the colours of the cabinets and the materials for the worktop - gloss white or traditional wooden - marble or granite - the choices are endless and many get themselves caught up in these choices, overlooking other, equally as important areas. Kitchen cabinet handles are one such aspect of a new kitchen that are often forgotten or dismissed. After all, they’re only small, and they don’t contribute much to the look of the kitchen, right? Wrong! Kitchen handles stand out from the flatness of the cupboards and drawers, and they immediately draw focus the moment you walk into the room. Cheat, by opting for low quality kitchen door handles and you’ll feel like something is missing. Similarly, choose handles that don’t match the rest of the kitchen theme or decor, and they’ll be drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. It really is these little finishing touches that make or break a kitchen.

When you begin looking for kitchen door handles, you may feel a little overwhelmed at first - there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different options. However, by taking into account your own personal needs, requirements, and preferences, along with considering the layout, design, and overall kitchen environment, it’s simple to narrow down the choices. It’s always best to start narrowing down by the type of handle you want, rather than the design.


Kitchen door knobs are typically a more traditional style, but they can add a touch of the modern when they’re made in chrome or aluminium instead of wood. The beauty of knobs is that they’re smaller than full on handles, so they won’t take attention away from the rest of the kitchen. Most commonly, kitchen door knobs are available in wood and ceramic, which provides a good compromise between the strength of the metal but the back-to-basics, farmhouse-style look of wood. However, if you’re after a contemporary feel, many knobs are also available in brushed nickel or chrome.


Cupboard and drawer pulls are a little different, and are still somewhat of a rarity in British kitchens, despite being very stylish and easy to use. As with knobs, they tend to be much smaller than regular kitchen handles, so they won’t draw attention away from the overall kitchen decor and design. Pulls are often made from metal materials, so they’re more suited to a contemporary style kitchen than a farmhouse or traditional kitchen, for example.


Handles are perhaps the most common type of drawer and cupboard openings adorning kitchens all across the world. They allow for the handle to be grabbed with the whole hand, although the bridge is often quite narrow, so even children should have no trouble grasping onto a handle. There are many types of handle available, ranging from D handles, that are more angular and give quite a modern look, to S handles which are softer in appearance and flow easily. Handles with a wooden finish are just as popular as those with a metal finish, so they’re very versatile, suiting practically any style and size of kitchen.

Bar handles

Bar handles are quite similar to regular kitchen cabinet handles, but being generally very thin, straight, and minimalist, they work extremely well in contemporary kitchens, particularly those that have been designed with a feel of an industrial or commercial kitchen, with plenty of stainless steel fixtures and fittings. Bar handles are typically available in aluminium, brushed nickel, and chrome, so they reflect light perfectly and are really a statement piece in any kitchen. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and are especially suited to drawers.

Once you’ve decided on the type of handle that would suit your kitchen, it’s time to consider the style and design. There are really two types of kitchen cabinet handles - contemporary and traditional. It should be quite simple to determine which look you’re going for, and what style would suit your vision.


Generally speaking, ‘contemporary’ is synonymous with ‘minimalist’, so modern kitchen door handles tend to be quite simple in style, lacking fuss, and made from metal. Stainless steel, satin nickel, and aluminium bring a shiny effect into the kitchen, which perfectly matches gloss tiles on the wall and floor, or granite and marble worktops with specks of metals worked into the material. The ultimate metal for this breathtaking, almost glittery effect, is chrome. Buff it regularly, and you’ll be able to see your face in it. If you’d rather kitchen handles with a more subdued effect, brushed nickel and brushed steel are idea. They still give off the same contemporary style, but they blend effortlessly with matt designs. Some kitchen door handles are also available with a matt black finish, which is perfect for monochrome kitchens, especially those with the classic checkerboard floor tiles, reminiscent of diners from the 1950s.


There’s a lot more diversity and variety in traditional kitchen handles than with contemporary handles. For example, handles can be made from brass, bronze, pewter, iron and ebony, or from wooden-coated ceramic or painted ceramic. Traditional handles tend to be quite big on design, quite complex, and rather involved. Decorated knobs, antique styles, cages, twisted handles, and fleur-de-lys designs are just some of the options available. Metal kitchen handles created in a traditional style really go well in kitchens that have purposefully been dated to create a look of the past - a back-to-basics style that still has a touch of flair and finesse. However, wooden door knobs are perfectly suited to farmhouse-style kitchens, surrounded by a wooden table and chair, dozens of mason jars, and perhaps an Aga sat in the corner.

Whatever your style of kitchen, whatever the design, and whatever your dream vision, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect kitchen door handles to perfect the look. We have one of the largest selections of kitchen cabinet handles in the UK, so you’re sure to find your ideal handle here, at a price you can be happy with. Take a look around and see what we can offer you.

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Contemporary Handles

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Kitchen Handles

Handle Drilling Jig

Easy to use kitchen handle jig.


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Kitchen door handles

12mm Stainless Steel T-Bar Handle

Code range: 156mmtbar-SS

FROM£2.40 inc. VAT
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Kitchen cabinet handles

Cromwell Style 'D' handle

Code: FF84660

FROM£3.89 inc. VAT
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Cromwell kitchen drawer handle

Cromwell 'D' handle

Code: FF84328

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Fusion oval handle

Fusion oval handle

Code range: FF81160

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Bar handle

Bar handle - Brushed Nickel

Code range: FF84706

FROM£2.76 inc. VAT
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Cromwell kitchen unit handle

Flat Cromwell 'D' Handle

Code: FF84260

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Aries bar handle

Aries - bar handle - Brushed Nickel

Code range: FF74302

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Cromwell kitchen drawer 'D' handle

Cromwell 'D' Handle

Code: FF84560

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Aries aluminium bar handle

Aries aluminium bar handle

Code range: FF81301

FROM£2.15 inc. VAT
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Cromwell kitchen door handle

Bowed Cromwell 'D' Handle

Code: FF84460

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Cromwell kitchen drawer handle

Cromwell Knob

Code: FF84100

FROM£1.94 inc. VAT
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Oval bar handle

Oval bar handle - Aluminium

Code range: FF81601

FROM£4.46 inc. VAT
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Aluminium bar handle

Aluminium - bar handle

Code range: FF62601

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Motif angled pull handle

Motif Angled Pull

Code: FF78132

FROM£6.23 inc. VAT
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Valentino kitchen door latch handle

Valentino Latch Handle

Code: FF78296

FROM£4.39 inc. VAT
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Buick Contemporary Pull

Code: FF77000

FROM£3.49 inc. VAT
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Tubular boss handle

Tubular boss - handle - Brushed Nickel

Code range: FF81807

FROM£4.82 inc. VAT
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Valentino 'D' kitchen unit handle

Valentino 'D' Handle

Code: FF78096

FROM£3.37 inc. VAT
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Keyhole bar handle

Keyhole - bar handle - Brushed Nickel

Code range: FF79207

FROM£3.94 inc. VAT
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Valentino kitchen pull handle

Valentino Pull

Code: FF77900

FROM£2.00 inc. VAT
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Buick Contemporary Latch

Code: FF77196

FROM£5.28 inc. VAT
Sale! £6.20
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Dovetail aluminium bar with die-cast legs

Dovetail aluminium bar handle- die-cast legs - Brushed Nickel

Code range: FF74428

FROM£9.25 inc. VAT
Sale! £10.90
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Titan 'D' handle & back plate

Titan D Handle & Back Plate

Code: FF72264

FROM£2.53 inc. VAT
Sale! £2.98
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