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Brochure Downloads

Download kitchen and bedroom brochures for further information on our products. Some of the brochures are large files, please allow time for download. You can also purchase printed brochures here


Apex-Astra Bedroom Brochure (3.18 MB)Apex-Astra Kitchen Brochure (3.75 MB)Astracast Sinks & Taps Brochure (10.59 MB)BB Complete Colour Matched Worktop Adhesive (382.28 KB)Bella & Zurfiz Bedroom Brochure (6.74 MB)Bella, Zurfiz & Pronto Kitchen Brochure (10.11 MB)Bella/Zurfiz/Pronto Product Details (3.53 MB)Blum Antaro Drawer Box Catalogue (7.38 MB)Blum hinges technical guide (5.1 MB)Blum Metabox catalogue (2.86 MB)Duropal Brochure (1.02 MB)Encore Acrylic Worktop Brochure (1007.85 KB)Encore Undermount Sinks Brochure (812.89 KB)Luxury Kitchens Brochure (9.2 MB)Sensio Energy Saving Collection (5.24 MB)Sensio HD LED Catalogue (2.22 MB)Sensio Lighting Catalogue (2.95 MB)Spectra Worktops Brochure (3.7 MB)Spectra Worktops Catalogue (730.17 KB)Tandem Worktops Brochure (581.72 KB)Tandem Worktops Catalogue (640.07 KB)Wesco finishing touch kitchen accessories (392.41 KB)

Specifications, Guides and Other Documents

"L" Shaped Corner Wall Unit Specifications (146.7 KB)Angled Wall Unit Specifications (139.29 KB)Belfast Sink Base Specifications (151.11 KB)Bottle Rack Specifications (181.59 KB)Curved Base Unit Specifications (163.2 KB)Flat Pack Base Unit Specifications (167.91 KB)Flat Pack Corner L Base Specifications (169.95 KB)Flat Pack Drawer Pack Specifications (151.73 KB)Flat Pack L Corner Wall Specifications (151.58 KB)Flat Pack Storage Unit Specifications (153.69 KB)Flat Pack Top Box Specifications (140.86 KB)Flat Pack Wall Unit Specifications (150.05 KB)Glazed Wall Unit Specifications (143.05 KB)Handles Specification Sheet (384.56 KB)Highline Base Unit Specifications (163.59 KB)Highline Open Base Specifications (149.62 KB)Microwave Wall Unit Specifications (141.11 KB)Open End (Quad) Unit Specifications (152.25 KB)Open Wall Unit (No shelf) Specifications (131.94 KB)Open Wall Unit Specifications (140.93 KB)Peninsula Highline Base Unit Specifications (159 KB)Peninsula Wall Unit Specifications (148.7 KB)Sink Base Unit Specifications (157.02 KB)Storage Unit (Pull Out Larder) Specifications (155.69 KB)Storage Unit Specifications (151.11 KB)Tambour Unit Specifications (144.96 KB)Variable Base Unit Specifications (166.49 KB)Variable Corner Wall Unit Specifications (137.5 KB)Variable Peninsula Base Highline (166.66 KB)Wall Open End (Quad) Unit Specifications (129.62 KB)Wall Unit Specifications (147.02 KB)

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