Antaro/Tandem drawer box fitting instructions - Kitchen units only

Note: These measurement do not apply to bedroom units

Step 1 - Drilling drawer fronts

Drill 1 or 2mm pilot holes into the reverse of your drawer fronts, as shown in the diagrams below. These holes should be approximately 13mm deep. Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Antaro/Tandem drawer drillingAntaro and Tandem pan drawer drilling


Step 2 - Fitting drawer front brackets and rods

Once you have drilled your pilot holes you can fix the brackets as shown in the images below.

Tandem drawer front attachmentTandem/Antaro pan drawer rod attachmentClipping rod to drawer back


Pan drawers will need a further hole drilling to take the support rods. Using a 10mm drill bit, drill another hole a maximum of 13mm deep.
Insert the end of the support rod into the hole and straighten it out to expand the rod end in place.

You can then snap the other end of the rod into the back of the drawer as shown above.
The drawer front can now be adjusted by twisted the rods in either direction.

Step 3 - Fitting and removing the drawer fronts

Now you have the brackets fixed to the drawer fronts you can connect them to the drawer boxes. Simply line up the drawer brackets with the drawer box as shown below and push to clip in.

You can also remove the drawer front if needs be by inserting a Phillips screwdriver into the release mechanism and turning towards the back of the drawer box as shown below.

Connecting the kitchen drawer front to the drawerbox railsAttaching the Antaro drawer box to the drawer frontReleasing drawer front from Tandem/Antaro drawer box

Step 4 - Removing drawer boxes from the runners

Fully extend the drawer runners. Lift the front of the drawer box and the drawer box will click and detach from runners. See images below.

 Lifting drawerbox from runnersRemoving Tandem drawer box from runners

Step 5 - Fitting drawer boxes onto the runners

Fully extend the drawer runners. Place the drawer box onto the runners as shown below. Slide the drawer box back square on the runners and the box will click into place.

Drawer box runners extended from kitchen unitPlacing Antaro drawer box on runnersSlide drawer box backwards  square on the runnersDrawer box fitted to kitchen unit

Step 6 - Fitting cover caps

Place and clip back on as shown below. To remove use a flat head screwdriver and gently remove.

Fitting cover cap to Blum drawer boxCover cap fitted to Blum drawer box

Adjusting Blum Tandem and Antaro drawer boxes

Step 7 - Adjusting drawer front

A - Horizontal Adjustment
B - Drawer front removal
C - Vertical Adjustment


For more information please visit the Blum website at

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