How To Measure Kitchen & Bedroom Cabinet Doors

Example kitchen elevation drawing


  1. Draw up a rough plan of your kitchen showing all the doors and drawer fronts in the room. 
  2. Count the number of doors and drawer fronts to make sure you have accounted for all doors and drawer fronts.
  3. Make sure the existing doors and drawer fronts don’t have any large gaps around them. The gap between adjoining doors and drawer fronts is usually 4mm.
  4. Measure the doors only, not the cabinets.

Measuring kitchen door height


  1. Measure the back of the doors rather than the fronts as the back of the doors are usually the squarest part of the doors.

Measuring hinge position on back of kitchen cupboard door

Measure the height and width of all doors

  1. Measure the height of the door first, followed by the width of the door in millimetres. Write the measurements on to your plan (measure in millimetres rather than inches or centimetres for a more precise measurement.)
  2. Measure each door individually as some doors might look the same size but might be a slightly different size
  3. Once you have measured all of the doors and checked that you have got the correct amount of doors and drawer fronts we would recommend double checking your measurements and ticking each one off to make absolutely sure you have measured each door and drawer front correctly.

 Are my doors left hand or right hand?

Left hand hinged, right hand hinged and top hinged kitchen cabinet doorsTo work out whether your doors are right handed or left handed a right hand door opens to the right, and a left hand door opens towards the left. 



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