True Handleless Rail System

Door Availability and Cabinet Modifications

Lark & Larks offer various made-to-measure and standard sized door ranges suitable for True Handleless rail installations.Tomba, Porter and Reclaimed Oak/Character Graphite feature doors in the  PWS ranges all have True Handless sizes available. The Tomba range is specifically for True Handleless and has 30 degree sloping top or bottom edges to the doors. Cosdon and Halton ranges from Multiwood offer True Handleless sizes. We have specific True Handleless sizes available in our Gravity Acrylic/MFC slab door range and the required sizes are also available as custom sizes in our other Made-to-measure ranges.

Base, wall and tall units all need carcase modifications for True Handleless rail installation, be it panel size ajustments, routering for the rails or slot cutting to take the wall unit rails. Lark & Larks offer these modifications on all applicable pre-built kitchen units. Just select True Handleless in the cabinet style selector and we will include the modifications for you. Please note that all the rails and associated fittings need ordering separately as they are not included with the cabinets.

Base Unit Configurations

Base units with True Handleless installations use different door and drawer front sizes to standard installations. Drawer fronts are 160, 325 or 490mm high. Doors are 490 or 685mm high. Widths are as normal. The unit gables are routered to accept the top and mid rails and the rails are held in position with securing brackets at either end. The following four base cabinet configurations are available:

True handleless base unit with 685mm high doorTrue handleless base unit with 160mm high drawer and 490mm high doorTrue handleless base unit with two 160mm drawers and one 325mm high drawerTrue handleless base unit with two 325mm high drawers

True Handleless rails can be used with dummy drawerline using a 160mm high drawer front but the drawer front will need to be fixed to the cabinet as a dummy drawer, using dummy drawer clips. You can not attach the drawer front to the door when using True Handleless rails.

Wall Unit Configurations

Wall units use standard height and width doors for True Handleless rail installations. The base panel of the wall unit is recessed and a grove cut into it to take the wall unit rail which gives finger access behind the bottom edge of the door.

True handleless wall unit with 715mm high door

Larder Unit Configurations

Vertical rails are available for larder units. These are available as either an intermediate rail to go between two units allowing opening of doors either side or a lateral rail to go at the end of a run or between units allowing door opening on one side only. In either case a 35mm gap is required between the two units or, in the case of an end unit, between the unit and the end panel. You must allow for these  35mm gaps when planning your kitchen. Intermediate rails can be fitted to both sides of a unit if required. When purchasing the units, the cabinet style selector allows you to select which side(s) the rail is required. The diagrams below show the lateral and intermediate rail installations.

True handleless vertical rail one sidedTrue handleless vertical rail double sided

Appliance Fillers

when mounting appliances such as ovens into tall units with vertical rails (intermediate or lateral), an appliance filler is available to fill the gap between the oven front plate and the rail. The filler can be drilled if necessary (by the installer) to take appliance mounting screws.

True handleless vertical rail appliance fillerTrue handleless vertical rail appliance filler installation

Technical Information

Further information is available in out downloadable PDF document on True Handleless Rail Installation.

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