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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Compliment your replacement kitchen doors with some matching kitchen accessories. All the kitchen accessories and fittings you will need to finish off your kitchen refurbishment or fitted kitchen project are available at Lark and Larks. We have kitchen plinths, cornices, end panels, curved plinths and curved carcases with curved doors. In fact, whatever you're looking for there's a range of kitchen storage solutions and pull out bins at great prices.

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Plain and tongue and grooved panels
From £7.72 inc. VAT

Bella end panel - fully edged

Unique vinyl wrapped end panel
From £20.35 inc. VAT

Unique End Panel - Fully Edged

Zurfiz end panel
From £42.47 inc. VAT

Zurfiz End Panel

Zurfiz panel (not edged)
From £9.00 inc. VAT

Zurfiz panel (not edged)

Aluminium Plinth
From £64.22 inc. VAT

Bella Aluminium Plinth

bella curved plinth - kitchen
From £47.16 inc. VAT

Bella Curved Plinth - kitchen

Standard Plinth
From £28.93 inc. VAT

Bella Standard Plinth - vinyl range

Profiled Plinth
From £55.97 inc. VAT

Profiled Plinth

Curved plinth
From £110.60 inc. VAT

Unique Curved Plinth

Unique Plinth
From £24.79 inc. VAT

Unique Plinth

Profiled plinth
From £24.79 inc. VAT

Unique Profiled Plinth

Wilton Kitchen Plinth

31st JAN
From £32.56 inc. VAT

Wilton Plinth

Zurfiz Aluminium Plinth
From £77.89 inc. VAT

Zurfiz Aluminium Plinth

Zurfiz Curved Plinth - kitchen
From £80.10 inc. VAT

Zurfiz Curved Plinth - kitchen

Zurfiz Matching Plinth
From £34.12 inc. VAT

Zurfiz Matching Plinth

Zurfiz edging tape
From £10.31 inc. VAT

Zurfiz Edging Tape

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Why Every Kitchen Must Get Fit and Accessorise

With so much time, resources, and creativity already invested in the kitchen of your dreams, it is always important to ensure that you have made every last finishing touch. There are a number of accessories available that can help to enhance your beautiful design while adding form and function. But it is also equally important to ensure that you have all the right tools in place for proper maintenance.

Your worktops, kitchen doors, and accessories will all require maintenance over time in order to preserve them. Although worktops can withstand routine household activities, they are not indestructible particularly where chips, scuffs, and scratches are concerned. In addition, kitchen doors and kitchen worktops are prone to dirt particularly food particles, grease, and smoke.

Lark and Larks carries a full range of kitchen accessories and fittings designed to help you complete your kitchen project and keep it in top notch condition. From kitchen cornices to kitchen plinths and maintenance supplies, we have everything to fulfil the kitchen of your dreams. We can even help create kitchen storage solutions with our wide selection of drawer boxes at competitive and affordable pricing.

Care & Maintenance

To ensure long lasting durability and flawless hygiene of your kitchen worktops, doors, and accessories, appropriate care and maintenance should be made a priority. Choosing the appropriate material for care and maintenance will depend on the type of material in your kitchen. Our collection of maintenance products is designed to keep your kitchen as new as possible. For kitchen door cleaning, the Vuplex Door Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning acrylic and vinyl surfaces. For minor chips or scuff marks, we have a complete care and maintenance kit and lacquer available for making repairs.

Feature Doors

A pair of framed glass feature doors can add a unique designer touch to any kitchen. It can transform an ordinary cabinet into a decorative showcase of some of your most beloved possessions. They can also be used to break up the monotonous look associated with a row of solid doors.  Our framed glass feature doors are ideal for creating a display cabinet to show off your finest glassware, unique ornaments, or crockery. The use of lighting can help to create an eye-catching focal point or a stunning centrepiece. Our aluminium framed doors are the popular choice for modern kitchens. Aluminium frames are an ideal choice for creating a contrast with other finishes while providing variation and highlights. They continue to be the top choice of designers. Our aluminium door frames are available in a variety of profiles. Use them to replace existing cabinets for an updated modern look.

Panels and Plinth

Our wedge end panels and kitchen plinth is designed to give depth and provide that last finishing touch on every kitchen. End panels are useful to finish off visible ends ensuring that the kitchen fits the room perfectly. If you need fillers to reach up to a wall, a length of plinth is the ideal choice for filling gaps. Kitchen plinth can also be used as door trim serving as a transition to the base. One piece of plinth can often satisfy the needs of two end panels at a fraction of the cost so it is important to make your choices wisely.  Regardless what finish you have in your kitchen, Lark and Larks boasts a wide selection of matching panels and plinths in a variety of sizes to suit your décor. You can also find additional kitchen plinths and panels on our luxury and made to measure pages.

Drawer Boxes

Our extensive collection of Blum tandem drawer boxes are produced by the leading kitchen component manufacturer in Europe. Lark and Larks boasts a wide selection of metabox drawers, runners, and pan drawers. Each drawer is built for durability featuring steel sides and support rods. Runners are equipped with soft, close gliding mechanisms for seamless opening and closing. The cutlery drawer boxes are able to handle a generous 30 kilograms of weight while larger pan drawers can take as much as 50 kilograms. Each drawer box will arrive at your doorstep ready built and there are a number of sizes to choose from when ordering. If you have existing kitchen cabinets, our full range of sizes available will make a retro-fit a seamless experience.

Kitchen Hinges & Fittings

Functionality is just as important as form and your beautiful new set of kitchen doors and drawers will not perform optimally without the right set of kitchen hinges. Lark and Larks can supply standard kitchen BLUM clip-on hinges to cover your entire kitchen unit hinging requirements. Our Blum kitchen hinges are also useful in bedrooms, bathrooms and other parts of the home. We also offer a collection of soft close hinges including integral soft close motion, separate soft close attachments, and soft close buffers to ensure that you enjoy the perfect door close motion. If you would like a quieter experience in the kitchen, our door buffer pads are ideal to minimise banging noises. Whether you need legs, corner posts, or fittings, Lark and Larks has an extensive collection of accessories to suit every need. Our range of kitchen unit fittings also includes heat deflectors, dummy drawer plates, and clips. If you are aiming for a modern handle-less look in your kitchen, our push catches are the perfect solution.

Tambour Doors

Sliding door systems also known as tambour doors are important design elements in modern and functional kitchen areas. They are used as space-saving solutions with the ability to be incredibly versatile while creating room and optimising available space. The doors simply roll up without interfering with your worktop. They are ideal for use in kitchens where they are used to create space and conceal clutter while incorporating a modern design element. Tambour doors can be used for breakfast bars, appliance cupboards, and splash back pantries among many other uses. The aluminium tambour door kits from Lark and Larks are available in a variety of widths and heights. We can also help with alternative sizes.

Luxury and Made to Measure Accessories

Lark and Larks offers a wide range of luxury door range accessories including kitchen cornices and kitchen pelmet. These unique touches help to give your kitchen the stunning feel of luxury. With so many options available, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing accessories to fit your personality. We also have a range of made to measure accessories to put the finishing touches on your dream kitchen. For those doing a complete kitchen makeover, we have a wide selection of curved doors, cabinet hinges, plinths, panels, and canopies.

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