Painted Kitchen Doors

Our collection of painted kitchen doors come in a range of styles and designs to suit all kitchens - from solid wood doors to matte or high gloss styles. Each replacement painted kitchen door is made to measure and designed to add a splash of colour to your kitchen, allowing you to showcase your individual style. Shop our full range of painted cabinet doors and find your kitchen’s perfect finishing touch.

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Why Buy Painted Kitchen Doors?

Painted Kitchen Doors give you the best of both worlds: vibrant colour and style within your kitchen and the sturdy, durability you expect from replacement kitchen doors: that’s why they’re so popular. The beauty of painted kitchen cupboard doors is that they come in a range of materials, so whether you want the modern feel or gloss or traditional wooden design, there’s a style to suit your decor.

Painted Kitchen Doors are often used to inject colour into a kitchen, as styles are not only available in classic white, cream and black combinations but also vibrant reds and purples. Your kitchen will definitely be the focal point with these replacement kitchen doors.

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