Slab Style Kitchen Doors

Slab kitchen doors are an extremely popular choice with a spectrum of finishes available, including gloss, matt, painted wood and vinyl, making them an excellent choice for both traditional and modern kitchens. Go a step further and customise the colour of your replacement slab doors to give your kitchen a subdued or eye-catching design, for a fraction of the cost. Browse our full range of kitchen doors.

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Why Buy Slab Kitchen Doors?

Slab Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors tend to have a slightly bevelled edge giving them a rounded look and feel. They’re available in both handleless and handled designs and come in a range of colours and finished including painted wood and vinyl, so will suit all kitchen types.

The beauty of Slab Kitchen Doors lies in their simplicity and durability, making them a worthwhile investment and addition to any kitchen; no matter if it’s contemporary, traditional or timeless design.

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