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Kitchen door handles and knobs are an important aspect of any fitted kitchen or replacement kitchen door project, helping to perfect your overall kitchen look. They are an essential addition to new kitchen units, while complementing replacement kitchen doors to give your kitchen a fresh lease of life.

Browse our extensive range of kitchen cupboard handles - all available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes - from traditional antique brass handles and wooden kitchen door handles to unusual kitchen door handles.

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Kitchen Handles
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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Door Handle

There's actually a lot to think about when choosing your new kitchen door handle - style, material, colour and texture included. As a rule of thumb, consider the design on your units and doors before purchasing your handles, as you'll want the two to match. Think about the style of kitchen handle you want first and the rest will follow:


Kitchen door knobs are typically a more traditional style, but they can add a touch of the modern when they’re made in brushed chrome or stainless steel instead of wood. The beauty of knobs is that they’re smaller than handles, so they won’t take the attention away from the rest of the kitchen.


Kitchen door handles are perhaps the most common type of drawer and cupboard openings. They allow for the handle to be grabbed with the whole hand. The bridge of a handle is often quite narrow, so even children should have no trouble grasping onto it.

Bar & Rod Handles

Bar and rod handles are quite similar to regular kitchen cabinet handles, but being generally very thin, straight, and minimalist, they work extremely well in contemporary kitchens. Bar handles are typically available in aluminium, brushed nickel, and chrome, so they reflect light perfectly and are a real statement piece in any kitchen.

Traditional Handles & Knobs

There’s a lot more diversity and variety in traditional kitchen door handles and knobs than with contemporary handles. Traditional handles tend to be quite big on design, quite complex, and rather involved. Decorated knobs, antique styles, cages, twisted handles, and fleur-de-lys designs are just some of the options available. Traditional style handles really go well in kitchens that have purposefully been dated to create a look of the past - a back-to-basics style that still has a touch of flair and finesse. However, wooden door handles are perfectly suited to farmhouse or shaker-style kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kitchen handles are best?

The best kitchen handle is an entirely individual decision based on tastes and preferences. The main things you should consider is the colour & how it matches your kitchen, the material you want the handle to be made from, the size of the kitchen handle & the screw size.

What kitchen handles are in style?

Nickel/Chrome Knobs- This style works with many cabinet styles and colours
T Bar Handles- Again, this design works with the majority of designs, particularly contemporary kitchens and bedrooms
Brushed Satin Brass knob- This design is unique and works well in modern kitchens
Edge Handles- This design is good for kitchens looking to create a clean design and works well in gloss/MFC kitchens
Lazio Integrated handle- The Lazio handle helps create a minimalistic aesthetic to your kitchens and comes in a range of colours

Are kitchen handles standard size?

Standard kitchen handles measure between 3-4 inches (96-128mm). However, they can vary depending on style, so it is best to check what sizes are available first.

What does fixing Centres mean?

Fixing centres is the measurement between the centre of the two fixing points at the back of the handle.

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