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Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Taps

Lark and Larks has a full range of Astracast and Reginox kitchen taps to cater for all types of kitchens. Have a look at our contemporary styles; they have the latest finishes in shiny chrome and brushed steel to give your kitchen that extra little bit of a wow factor. If you have a cottage style of kitchen with a Belfast sink then check out the bridge kitchen taps with a pewter or brass finish. Maybe you're looking for the latest trend, in which case professional taps with pull out spray hoses would be ideal. Taps coming soon!

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The perfect kitchen tap

Kitchen taps are one area of your fitted kitchen in which you have complete control. Taps aren’t designed in one particular way; the entire design and style of the tap is completely up to you. It’s a great opportunity to add a bit of personality to your kitchen and really work to your own themes. We stock a wide range of both Astracast taps and Reginox taps, two leaders in the world of kitchen manufacture and supply, to give you the best choice possible from the highest quality kitchen taps on the market.

Astracast Taps

Astracast are a British company that shot to stardom for creating what are believed to be the world’s first coloured composite sinks. However, they offer much more than simply basins and kitchen taps are their speciality. Astracast taps are made from chrome and stainless steel, and come in a variety of finishes to match your basin, including polished steel, brushed steel, and satin. Manufacturing over one million kitchen accessories each and every year, Astracast are a world leader in kitchen supply.

Reginox Taps

Reginox are a Dutch company that manufacture and provide kitchen accessories to suppliers all around the world, including us. They believe that the sink unit is the heart of the kitchen, and therefore offer a wide range of basins and kitchen taps that really make a statement. Reginox taps are made from chrome, which gives a wonderful shine to any kitchen, and they focus their attention to creating pressure levers that give you the exact flow you require. They’ve even teamed with Britax to offer built-in water filtration systems, which means you can pour a glass of clean, healthy, tasty water directly from your tap.

Kitchen Tap Styles

The style of kitchen tap you choose should be largely determined by the theme and existing decor of your kitchen. For example, if you’ve got a contemporary kitchen, modern kitchen taps will help give the room the 'wow' factor, whereas if you’ve got a more traditional kitchen, intricately designed mixer taps would look more appropriate.

  • Classic - Classic kitchen taps are quite straightforward and easy to use. While they do lack the range of options and control that some more advanced kitchen taps offer, they are very cost effective and are ideal for homeowners that don’t want a ‘fussy’ kitchen. In terms of pressure, they are available as high pressure (0.5 - 1.0) or low pressure (0.1), so choose the model that is right for your needs. Despite their low cost, classic kitchen taps can be very stylish, particularly the ‘Jordan’ Astracast taps.
  • Contemporary - Modern kitchen taps tend to look quite futuristic, and fit perfectly with the typical features of a contemporary kitchen such as high gloss doors and sleek, smooth corners. Chrome is a popular finish for modern kitchen taps because it really adds shine and complements gloss accents wonderfully, but brushed steel and even black finishes are also common finds. Modern kitchen taps tend to have large curves that help create a continuous flow throughout the kitchen, and pullout hoses add a fun quirkiness to the room.
  • Professional - Professional kitchen taps are ideal for kitchens that have a commercial or industrial theme, with stainless steel and exposed storage. However, they’re not just professional in terms of aesthetics, they’re also professional in terms of how they operate. In restaurants, it’s important that dishwashing is made easy, so many commercial taps offer a pullout hose that gives the user control over where the water is directed. These taps can really help take a load off in the kitchen, especially if you hand wash regularly.
  • Traditional - Traditional or farmhouse style kitchens would really benefit from traditional kitchen taps, with their intricate detailing and complex nature. Often supplied as mixer taps in the style that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, the designs have a definite colonial feel, and can help transport you and your kitchen back to times of the past.


Types of Kitchen Taps

Many kitchen taps are considered to be a ‘standard’ type - that is, two taps that each produce either hot or cold water. However, these standard set ups aren’t your only options. Here are some others you may wish to look into:

  • Spring Flow - Spring flow taps, or 3-way taps, tend to have a third tap attached to the system. This third tap is used to dispense clean water, regardless of whether you live in a soft or hard water area. The filtration system is built in, which means that the water has already been cleaned of minerals before it hits your glass. These kitchen taps are ideal for those who keep forgetting to refill their filtration jug!
  • Mixer Taps - Mixer taps really do give you ultimate control over your water temperature. No more switching between freezing and burning taps, mixer taps create the perfect temperature that dispenses as a single flow of water. If you’ve got young children at home, mixer taps are not only a good option, they’re practically a necessity. Single hot taps can cause damage, so mixer taps, where the temperature can be controlled more accurately, are perfect.

Kitchen Tap Materials

Kitchen taps tend to be made from shiny materials that add a sense of freshness to the basin area. Some modern kitchen taps do include black features which enhance the contemporary look, but steel and chrome are the most popular metals.

  • Stainless Steel - Stainless steel kitchen taps give a wonderful shine to the kitchen without hiking up the cost. They are considered a budget option, but they’re still very stylish, and one of the most popular options. As with stainless steel sinks, they do need cleaning regularly to avoid residue build up.
  • Brushed Steel - Brushed steel is a good option for those that want more of a matt finish to the kitchen, rather than shine. If you’ve got wooden kitchen doors or matt vinyl wraps, brushed steel will work brilliantly.
  • Chrome - Chrome is the ultimate in kitchen taps. It gives even more of a shine than stainless steel, and is almost mirror-like in appearance, so it works very well with high gloss kitchen features, helping to reflect light and create an air of spaciousness. Chrome is a little more costly than steel, but it’s well worth it for the amazing effect.

Whatever style of kitchen tap you choose, as we only supply accessories from Astracast and Reginox, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best quality taps available in the UK. 

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