Standard Bar Handle


A standard bar handle in brushed nickel.

HCBAR96 96mm (c), 156mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR128 128mm (c), 188mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR160 160mm (c), 220mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR256 256mm (c), 316mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR352 352mm (c), 412mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR448 448mm (c), 508mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR640 640mm (c), 700mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

HCBAR1080 1080mm (c), 1140mm (l), 12mm (t), 32mm (p)

See Handle Specification sheet for explanation of sizes.

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Code: HCBAR96 range
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