Bar handle - Brushed Nickel


FF84706BN 96mm (c),124mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84707BN 160mm (c),188mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84708BN 209mm (c),237mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84709BN 309mm (c), 337mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84711BN 409mm (c), 437mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84713BN 509mm (c), 537mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84714BN 627mm (c), 655mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

FF84756BN 256mm (c), 284mm (l), 14mm (diabar), 30mm (p) - (Hollow Bar)

See Handle Specification sheet for explanation of sizes.

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Sleek and distinctive bar handle with brushed nickel finish.

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