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Keyhole - bar handle - Brushed Nickel

Keyhole - bar handle - Brushed Nickel
Keyhole - bar handle - Brushed Nickel

Add a touch of sophistication with this smart brushed nickel keyhole bar handle design
FF79207-BN 128mm (c) 152mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79208-BN 156mm (c) 180mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79209-BN 256mm (c) 280mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79210-BN 306mm (c) 330mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79211-BN 356mm (c) 380mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79212-BN 456mm (c) 480mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79215-BN 632mm (c) 656mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79217-BN 756mm (c) 780mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79202-BN 160mm (c) 184mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79201-BN 186mm (c) 210mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
FF79214-BN 512mm (c) 655mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)
See Handle Specification sheet for explanation of sizes.

Code: FF79207 range
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