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Corner carousel kitchen base unit for 360° Turnmotion carousel unit. 20mm service void for increased internal depth.

Note: These products are supplied pre-assembled (with leg sockets but without legs). These are large products and you will need to make sure that you have enough access space for these to be delivered into your property or space of storage.

Note: Pull-outs, wirework, doors and drawer fronts are for illustration only and are not included with the unit - please purchase separately. Drawer boxes and any internal drawer fronts are included.

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This unit is designed for the turnmotion carousel where the door folds away inside the unit. It requires a 688mm high x 445mm wide door. These doors are available in some of our luxury door ranges as well as the made to measure ranges (custom size). Curved stainless steal doors and curved front wooden worktops are also available on the Turnmotion product page (in the luxury storage section).

For non-standard sizes, please call us.

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All of our units up to 1000mm door height are drilled as standard 100mm from top and 100mm from bottom (as measured from the door edges) except for units with cabinet height 290mm or less. These are drilled 80mm from top and 80mm from bottom (as measured from door edges). All units with doors over 1000mm tall will have 3 hinge drilling locations with a hole in the centre. All units with doors over 1700mm tall will have 4 hinge locations with 2 centre drillings. Top hung units are drilled 100mm in from the left and 100mm in from the right. If you need any more help please get in touch.
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Further information is available in the pdf specification sheet in the features tab at the top of the page.

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