Egger Board Finish Samples

We will supply up to 3 Egger board colour samples free of charge. We offer this service so that you can make sure you're happy with your chosen kitchen or bedroom unit finish before you buy your new units or if you need to match to the doors you're purchasing. Please select the samples you require and then 'Add to cart' at the bottom of the page.

Recommended rigid unit Egger board finishes are displayed on individual luxury kitchen door pages or here for Bella doors.

Alabaster U104 Select

Alabaster U104

Basic White W908 Select

Basic White W908

Black Brown Ferrara Oak H1137 Select

Black Brown Ferrara Oak H1137

Cashmere U702 Select

Cashmere U702

Cosmos Grey U899 Select

Cosmos Grey U899

Crema U222 Select

Crema U222

Dakar U717 Select

Dakar U717

Driftwood H3090 Select

Driftwood H3090

Dust Grey U732 Select

Dust Grey U732

Ellmau Beech H1582 Select

Ellmau Beech H1582

Fjord Green U636 Select

Fjord Green U636

Graphite U961 Select

Graphite U961

Grey Bardalino H1146 Select

Grey Bardalino H1146

Grey Brown Avola Pine H1484 Select

Grey Brown Avola Pine H1484

Hacienda Black H3081 Select

Hacienda Black H3081

Hacienda White H3078 Select

Hacienda White H3078

Lava U741 Select

Lava U741

Light Ferrara Oak H1334 Select

Light Ferrara Oak H1334

Light Grey U708 Select

Light Grey U708

Light Lakeland Acacia H1277 Select

Light Lakeland Acacia H1277

Light Winchester Oak H3382 Select

Light Winchester Oak H3382

Mainau Birch H1733 Select

Mainau Birch H1733

Maple H1521 Select

Maple H1521

Mussel U100 Select

Mussel U100

Natural Lancaster Oak H3368 Select

Natural Lancaster Oak H3368

Natural Montana Oak H1342 Select

Natural Montana Oak H1342

Pebble Grey U201 Select

Pebble Grey U201

Porcelain White W1200 Select

Porcelain White W1200

Sand Beige U156 Select

Sand Beige U156

Silver Grey U765 Select

Silver Grey U765

Stone Grey U727 Select

Stone Grey U727

Titanium close match to Zurfiz door backs F501 Select

Titanium close match to Zurfiz door backs F501

Tobacco Aida Walnut H3704 Select

Tobacco Aida Walnut H3704

Truffle Brown Avola H1478 Select

Truffle Brown Avola H1478

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