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How to Create a Frozen Themed Bedroom

How to Create a Frozen Themed Bedroom

If your child is obsessed with Frozen and can’t Let It Go, it might be time to add some Anna and Elsa inspired touches to their bedroom!

Frozen has become the biggest grossing Disney film in history, and children all over the UK have been inspired by the magic, music and visuals of the film. As the cold starts to draw in, little minds are thinking once again of Elsa’s ice powers, Kristoff’s pet reindeer Sven and Anna’s snowy adventures.

Frozen themed bedrooms are becoming a huge trend when it comes to making bedrooms over for the kiddies. Here are some quick ways you can add some Frozen touches to enchant the little ones.


Anna and Elsa may be close siblings, but the two couldn’t be more different! Anna’s colours are very feminine and floral: yellow, pink and purple adorn her lonely bedroom at the start of the film. Elsa, however, is the ice queen, and Elsa fans will prefer a cooler scheme: whites, creams and icy blues will turn a bedroom into Elsa’s ice palace!

Ice Effects

Turning a bedroom into the frozen kingdom of Arendelle can take just a few small touches. Glitter and sparkle is essential and adding glitter or sequins to items such as cheap lampshades or pencil holders can make a great crafty afternoon!

For another snowy effect, add snowflake decals to the wall. You can even hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling (or Christmas decorations, which will be creeping into shops from October onwards!)


The popularity of Frozen means there is plenty of wall art, both official and unofficial, out there. Official wall decals can be found on Amazon, which depict your children’s favourite characters, from the main princesses to Olaf the ever-optimistic snowman.

If you want to go for something a bit more abstract, these printable silhouettes from Etsy are beautiful, or you can download, print and frame these free travel posters for the Kingdom of Arendelle from Disney.

You can edit a normal bed into a frozen wonderland on a budget by stringing fairy lights across the headboard and fitting some icy netting above the bed.

Finally, how can any Frozen fan be complete without their own Olaf? The Disney Store stocks a charming plushie on top of the bed – and he loves warm hugs!

The best parts of these little Frozen touches to your child’s bedroom is that they can easily be changed when Disney release their next blockbuster!