3 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Bedroom Doors

Replacing bedroom doors is simple, but it can be easy to make mistakes. Whether replacing your wardrobe doors, chest of drawers fronts, or bedside unit doors, be sure to avoid these top 3 mistakes when replacing your bedroom doors to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation.

Not double-checking measurements

The first mistake to avoid when replacing bedroom doors is not double-checking your measurements. Don’t just measure your doors once, always measure at least twice to ensure you’ve taken accurate measurements.

It’s easy to make mistakes at this stage, however, it’s vital to ensure your measurements are accurate as being off by just a few mm can make a big difference as to whether your new doors will fit. Not double-checking your measurements can result in you having to re-order the right doors that fit your units properly.
Read our bedroom measuring guide for tips and advice on the best ways to measure your bedroom doors accurately.

Not ordering the right number of doors

Secondly, always count your doors and make sure you’ve ordered the right amount for your bedroom. This is a common mistake as it is easy to miss out doors and is usually due to not making a plan or double-checking that all the doors are on the plan.

You can avoid this error by correctly counting the number of doors you need, then making a simple plan of your bedroom and labelling all doors along with their measurements. This will help make sure you don’t miss out on any doors and you’ve ordered all the doors you need. You can then also double-check your order to make sure it corresponds to your plan.
Whether you need replacement doors for your wardrobe, new fronts for a chest of drawers, or doors for your bedside units, make sure you’ve ordered all the doors you need.

Forgetting about hinges, handles, and drawer boxes

When replacing your bedroom doors, don’t forget about the hinges, handles, and drawer boxes. If your hinges, drawer boxes, and handles are looking a bit tired and worn, it’s easier to replace these now whilst you’re replacing the doors. Plus, this won’t add much extra to the overall cost of replacing your doors.

It’s common for hinges, handles, and drawer boxes to face wear and tear over time, so check to see whether they are all in good working order. You don’t want to find that your hinges, drawer boxes, and handles are ineffective when you’re fitting your new doors.

Replacing hinges handles, and drawer boxes now is a simple way to refresh your bedroom, and also make sure your new doors work as well as they look and are as functional as they are stylish.

Need More Advice?

Make sure to avoid these 3 mistakes when replacing your bedroom doors. Be sure to double-check your measurements, make sure you order the right number of doors, and don’t forget to replace your hinges, handles, and drawer boxes too.
Get in touch for more information regarding replacing your bedroom doors – we are always happy to offer expert advice on any aspect of your new bedroom.