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5 Hidden Kitchen Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Kitchens are one of the best and worst places in the house – a lot of time is spent creating delicious meals and memories in the heart of the home, but trying to keep your kitchen organised and looking like it belongs on a kitchen inspo board for Pinterest can seem near enough impossible – especially if you’re running a family home and life is non-stop. We’ve found a few genius hidden kitchen storage hacks that have made us green with envy whilst weeping with joy as they are all DIY!

This Great Under Sink Storage

Kitchen storage ideas under sink storage


When it comes to underneath the sink of a kitchen you’ll find one of two things – a lot of wasted dead space, or row upon row of half empty cleaning products. Pull out basket drawers are one of the best hidden kitchen storage hacks to help you find the cleaning bits and bobs you need without having to pull everything out and put it all back in again.  A few drawer systems and some shallow wooden trays do the trick perfectly!

These Brilliant Mounted Bin Bags

Kitchen Storage Hacks Bin Bags


Replace the tattered old boxes with a couple of miniature curtain brackets and a tiny pole on the inside of your kitchen cupboard. This means your bin bags are accessible, easy to pull off and makes changing the bin a little less of a chore. Want to get to grips with one of the best kitchen cupboard hacks? Check out our fixtures and fittings here.

This Smart Way to Store Tupperware Lids

Kitchen Storage Hacks Tupperware lids


The frustrations of finding the correct lid that fits your lunch box is one we all know too well – you have to sift through cupboard after drawer hoping to find the right size. However, this quite frankly genius kitchen storage hack of hanging a re-purposed metal tray on the back of a kitchen cupboard drawer in order to hold said gold dust deserves a scholarly award. Have a peruse through our Kitchen Cupboard door and wall units to see if you can spark the imagination!

This Perfect Spice Rack

Kitchen storage hacks cupboard spice rack


Spice Racks are becoming more common in the home, but this spice rack is one that makes us a little jealous… After all, herbs and spices are the perfect way to enhance dishes and ignite passion when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. This made-to-measure spice rack is clearly a must have – you won’t have to knock a few over when trying to find the sage for your Sunday roast… Check out our spice racks.

This Kitchen Bench in a Bench

Kitchen storage hacks kitchen bench


Finding a way to fit everyone and everything in a small kitchen isn’t the easiest task, which is where a fitted kitchen comes in. However, although they are full of creative and personalised ways to store things, sitting family and guests down to dinner is often forgotten about. One of the best kitchen cupboard hacks, this kitchen bench built into a kitchen table is the best kind of kitchen-ception. The inside of the seated kitchen bench could also act as another bit of hidden kitchen storage! Have a look at our range of fitted kitchens here.  

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