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5 Questions to ask When Hiring a Kitchen Specialist

You should hire a kitchen designer or kitchen specialist as designing a kitchen involves a magnitude of skills. To fit and remodel a brand new kitchen you need a range of materials and appliances in order to determine the layout. Alongside this, they have the expertise in the gas, water and electricity needed to appliances such as fridges, freezers, ovens and much more.

When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, it can invoke a mixture of feelings, especially as choosing to install that bespoke kitchen unit all by yourself will take time, tools and a lot of effort. From making sure those oak kitchen doors are level, to finding the perfect height to hang your kitchen cupboard carcass, remodelling and fitting a kitchen comes with a lot of work.

You need to have the right tools, and know what you’re doing to ensure that you don’t damage the replacement kitchen units in the process of fitting them. However, hiring a kitchen specialist to do the job isn’t cheap – especially if you want them to do the job right, the first time. But with TV shows and lifestyle magazines sharing horror stories of rogue fitters, finding the right person or company to fit your kitchen can be daunting. So, to help you, we’ve come up with five questions you should ask when hiring a kitchen specialist;

Question if They Specialise in Kitchens

According to a new kitchen remodel and refit costs an average of £7,000, and when you’re making such a big investment to the most important room in your own home, it is crucial to make sure that the person doing the job knows exactly what they’re doing. Just because your local ‘jack of all trades’ can replace your kitchen cupboard handles or use an electric screwdriver and spirit level to fit a replacement cupboard door, it doesn’t mean that they will know how to fit an entire bespoke kitchen. You’ll be using and looking at your kitchen every day for years to come – so make sure it is done properly. You shouldn’t be left with the kitchen sink’s pipes and stopcocks on display – but they should be easily located should you ever need to access them. A kitchen specialist will make sure that you will not be left with any costly or damaging errors, as they understand the complexities of fitting a kitchen.   

Request to See Their Portfolio of Work

Any credible kitchen fitter will be happy for you to look at their previous work and dig into some customer reviews. Every kitchen specialist should have an extensive portfolio that reflects upon the quality of their work and usually this is found on their website. Another reason to delve into their portfolio of work is to see if their style of kitchen fitting suits what you want; there’s no point hiring someone who’s vision is completely different to yours – it will cause unnecessary clashes, and you’ll both end up with a kitchen neither of you are proud of. So, look around and speak to former customers about their experiences before you go in and book.

Ask for Their Certifications.

It is so easy to get lost in thinking about colour scheme of their kitchen, the style of kitchen worktop they want and the type of storage they envision in their cupboards, that they often forget about the dangers that come with fitting a kitchen. You shouldn’t overlook the electrics required for items such as kitchen lighting and fridges, gas or water waste. All of these elements require industry standard knowledge. A qualified Kitchen Specialist will highlight exactly what needs to be taken care of, enabling you to get in touch with qualified gas engineers, plumbers and electricians. If you hire an unqualified kitchen fitter, you could end up with a poorly fitted kitchen that does not meet the UK’s laws and regulations.

Find out When They are Available & How Long it Will Take.

Fitting a brand new made to measure kitchen takes an average of 1-6 weeks, which leaves you and your family without one for a while. This may be especially challenging If you have kids and/or pets; a kitchen fitter going in and out the house, hammering, drilling and making a lot of noise can cause stress for people living there. However, knowing how long it may take enables you to plan ahead. Alongside this, there’s no point getting all of your kitchen worktops, kitchen units and carcasses now if your desired kitchen fitter isn’t available for the next 4-6 weeks, as you’ll have to find somewhere to your brand new kitchen. Planning and preparation will be your best friends at this time.

Double Check if a Skip and Removal is Included

Some kitchen specialists expect your old kitchen to be removed and a skip to be provided upon arrival, whereas others will remove your old kitchen and work with a skip provider. It is important to find out what your specialist does, as it will save you time and money. If your old kitchen carcasses are in a good enough condition, you may be able to sell them on as materials. It is always worth checking with your kitchen specialist.

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