5 Tips on Keeping a Tidy Bedroom

Everyone can identify with the frustration of spending hours tidying and rearranging their bedroom and then turn around five minutes later for it to look like a bomb has hit it. Everyone envisions  an organised bedroom being the stepping stone to a cleaner lifestyle, but constantly tidying your bedroom can be exhausting and disappointing – especially when you feel like you’re getting nowhere.  However, you can keep your bedroom consistently tidy and organised if you have the correct tools to do so – here are five tips to help you have a tidier life.


Look at getting made to measure furniture

If you’ve got large bulky furniture, or small bedroom furniture that leaves gaps then your bedroom will look messier than it actually is. Oversized furniture will stick out and take up a lot of space, and the gaps left from undersized furniture will collect dust and other items that have fallen down the empty space. Installing made to measure bedroom units means your wardrobe, chest of drawers and other pieces of bedroom furniture will fit nicely, and give a cleaner and more finished aesthetic. It also rules out unnecessary space being taken up by your furniture, which could be used for other things.

Get Secret Storage

Secret storage is a great way to declutter your room and find a place for things that are otherwise quite difficult to put away. Attaching a tie rack to the inside of your wardrobe means that they do not take up drawer space and are not wrinkled when you go to use them. Installing shoe racks to the inside of your wardrobe will reduce the time looking for your shoes, as they are organised into pairs. Pop some pull out organisers under your bed and put things you don’t use all the time under there.

De-Clutter your Life

When we talk about de-cluttering your life, we don’t mean the Emily Gilmore style of getting rid of single thing you own. Decluttering is simply going through what you own and throwing away what is not and will not be used in the near future. Avoid throwing away anything that holds strong sentimental value and just get rid of bits and bobs that you’ve accrued but have little use for. This means that drawer, wardrobe and bedroom space is freed up for other bits that you actually have use for. However, it is important to remember that you are decluttering to get rid of unnecessary bits and bobs, rather than to buy and replace.

Utilise your space

You’ll be surprised at the amount of dead space that goes unused in your bedroom. From the top of your wardrobe to the floor space at the end of your bed, it can utilised to give you a cleaner and more organised bedroom. Putting storage organisers at the top of your wardrobe, getting a made to measure chest of drawers at the end of your bed or shelving in some dead space will give you extra storage and organisation.

Be Realistic

If you use something every day, such as make up remover, a games console or a pair of slippers then don’t find a place for it in the back of your wardrobe. Prioritise where your things go in terms of how much you use them, as you’ll avoid making mess when you go to use them. Do not inconvenience yourself when you re-arrange and organise the bedroom, as it will cause more mess and frustration in the long run.

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