5 Top Kitchen Trends for Summer 2023

Looking for an on-trend way to freshen up your kitchen this summer? From pastel colours to concealed breakfast stations to reeded glass, here are our 5 top kitchen trends to look out for in the coming months that you can use to update your space in 2023.

Pastel Colours

The first key trend we’re seeing this summer is pastel colours. Pastel colours are proving popular in 2023 as more homeowners opt for a muted palette in their kitchen, such as baby blue, blush pink, light lavender, and sage green. Pastels offer a subtler way to add a touch of colour to your space and bring a brighter, softer look and calming feel to your kitchen.

Concealed Breakfast Stations

The next kitchen trend is concealed breakfast stations, which is kind of what you get when a breakfast bar meets a pantry unit. These are great because they hold everything you need for breakfast such as a kettle and toaster, as well as typical pantry storage such as crockery and cereals. Once breakfast is done, you can then close the doors to hide away the clutter.

Reeded Glass

The next trend sees kitchen owners opting for reeded glass over classic clear glass for display cabinets. Reeded or fluted glass has a ribbed texture that adds interest whilst giving the glass a semi-transparent quality. This gives you the feature look of glazed doors, but with an obscured view that conceals the items stored behind it that you may not want to have fully on display.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is also a popular look for the kitchen in 2023. Open shelving is not only functional as a way to display your belongings, but can stylishly showcase your personality too. Whether it’s cookbooks, artwork, glassware, ceramics, ornaments, cookware, or plants, open shelving can help keep your kitchen organised and also add character to your space.

Black With Natural Accents

The final kitchen trend we are seeing is the combination of matt black with natural accents. These dark and dramatic shades remain a popular colour choice, but kitchen owners are balancing the bold black tones with softer natural accents such as wood and metal to create a sleek, modern look.

Get In Touch To Discuss Making Your Dream Kitchen a Reality in 2023

From pastels, reeded glass and open shelving to breakfast stations and black with natural accents, try a few of these top trends in your kitchen this summer. For kitchen design advice or help planning your kitchen, get in touch today and our expert team can help bring your ideas to life.