Baking gadgets

6 Baking Gadgets You Need to be a Star Baker!

Have you ever wondered how to achieve baking perfection? Well, did you consider cheating your way to the top? With these 6 baking gadgets you can be the ultimate baker… no-one will ever know!

1 – The Cupcake Corer:
The perfect way to neatly add some extra flavour to your cupcakes, the cupcake corer works just like an apple corer, removing the centre of the cake ready for you to inject with any filling you desire! Of course, a knife and some careful cutting does the same trick, but the cupcake corer makes everything extra smooth and easy.

2 – The Layer Slicer Kit:
The best way to get a cheeky bit of extra frosting is… more layers! Luxurious layer cakes tend to be associated with the more accomplished baker but with a nifty layer slicing kit you can make perfect layers every time. Just make a traditional sponge and use your layer slicer to cut the sponge into thin layers to fit loads of icing into!

3 – Vitamin C:
Yes, you read correctly. Not only good for you, but great for your bread! This little cheat of adding a dash of Vitamin C will work with yeast to make it more effective, which helps to raise your loaf and make it extra light! You can buy Vitamin C packs at online baking stores – it’s a little insider secret to making amazing bread!

4 – Pastry Crisper
Get away from the dreaded “soggy bottom” and grab a pastry crisper. The simple design is a flan tin with a series of small holes in the bottom to help heat reach the bottom of your tart, flan, pasty or pie.

5 – Airbrush Kit:
Bring out your inner artist with a cake decorating airbrush kit. For use with both the iced cake itself and with edible decorations, the airbrush kit is sure to make any of your cakes look like a work of art. Don’t tell too many people about it though, you’ll end up making wedding cakes!

6 – Cake Pop Maker
Perfect for parties and weddings, cake pops are the newest baking trend. Little balls of iced cake presented on a stick, they’re easy to eat but hard to make! A cake pop maker forms your cake mix into perfectly round balls and cooks them to perfection (trust us, it’s easy to overcook a cake pop!). Then just add your icing and hey presto! Cake pops perfect for any celebration.