Victorian-style kitchen

7 Ways to Create a Victorian Style Kitchen

Butlers, balls and Mr Darcy himself; when it comes to envisioning the Victorian era, our minds instantly conjure up images of classic luxury, elegance and timeless beauty. From picturesque horse-drawn carriages, to gilded furniture and exquisite clothing, a vast array of romantic notions surround the time period. It’s therefore no wonder that the Victorian styled home has become such a hugely popular design choice amongst homeowners and interior designers up and down the country.

To help you capture the chicness and opulence of Victorian Britain within your own home, we’ve created a checklist of all the features and additions that your kitchen needs in order to transform it into an illustrious period inspired living space.


Large Central Table

Within the Victorian era, it was common practice for cooks to prepare the household meals on a large central table that acted as the main work hub of the Victorian home. Lying at the very heart of the room, the table was an integral part of the Victorian kitchen and became an iconic trademark of the period. By placing a large table, or kitchen island within the middle of the room, you can effortlessly capture the working life of Victorian Britain, whilst adding depth and drawing the eye into the room.


Ornate Decor

A signature design of the time, Victorian Britain was all about swirls, curls and twirls. Finessing every detail with an elaborate and eye catching finish, the Victorian kitchen echoes the opulence of the era with its intricate detailing. To capture this lavishness in your Victorian style kitchen, work swirling detail into the kitchen cabinet doors, add sophisticated curling handles to the doors and utilise elegant open archways to add a touch of unparalleled luxury to your home.


Copper Appliances

Nothing quite screams Victorian like a good old fashioned burnt copper finish, and luckily it’s incredibly easy to replicate within the kitchen. By investing in some copper appliances, such as a kettle, an oven or some timeless copper pans, you can easily inject some Victorian touches to your home.


Cream and White Undertones

Victorian kitchens iconically featured light open spaces and white washed walls, creating an airy and open space that’s still coveted by modern day home owners. By painting your walls, kitchen cabinets and woodwork detailing in light cream colours, you can visually transform your kitchen into a calming and beautiful period setting.


Wooden Flooring

A popular choice amongst Victorians, wooden flooring was the most common type of kitchen layout, though ceramic tiling was also a preferred material within some of the more stately homes around the UK. Adding some wooden flooring to your kitchen will not only create a homely and warm touch to the home, but will also add some stylish Victorian authenticity to your kitchen.


Freestanding Furniture

An iconic feature and a must for any Victorian styled kitchen, freestanding furniture was the classic layout for period living within the 19th century. From dressers and ovens, to cupboards and pantries, every piece of furniture was freestanding and spread around the room. By replicating this look within your kitchen, you can effortlessly achieve this signature Victorian look.



The ultimate hallmark design of the Victorian style kitchen, moldings were used to bring detail to a room, as well as providing protection against spills and splashes. Simultaneously stylish and incredibly easy to replicate within the 21st century, by adding some crown ceiling molds or cursive wall detailing, you can instantly transform your home, injecting period glamour into the kitchen.


If you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a luxurious Victorian haven, why not reach out today and contact one of our expert team. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you get the period kitchen of your dreams.