Kitchen dresser

7 Kitchen Dresser Ideas & Designs

When planning a new fitted kitchen, many of us automatically look for new kitchen cabinets, not realising that there are many alternative kitchen storage solutions out there that look incredible and can completely transform your kitchen environment. Here are 7 great design ideas for a kitchen dresser, or kitchen cupboard, which demonstrate just how versatile this concept is, and how it could benefit your space:

1. Built-in Tradition

Built-in dressers are not only fantastic space saving solutions, but the integrated style also helps them to blend into a room, rather than standing out or looking out of place. Ideal for smaller spaces, as these built-in dressers can make use of ‘dead’ space, such as above the door.


Image: DaynaKatlinInteriors

2. Light & Bright

Continue with the light, bright, ‘clean’ look of your white kitchen with a white kitchen dresser that’s a great alternative to a traditional kitchen cupboard. This style fits in with practically any kitchen design, whether your preference is for a classic kitchen dresser idea or something more modern.


Image: CrispArchitects

3. Rustic Farmhouse Style

Wooden tabletops, distressed kitchen cabinets, low wooden ceiling beams – an antique dresser can really add to the look and feel of a rustic farmhouse kitchen, providing ample storage not only for everyday items but also for themed items such as decorative plates and crockery.


Image: Reico

4. Sleek & Stylish

Dressers are typically quite traditional, but they can still work brilliantly in a modern, contemporary kitchen. Straight, streamlined kitchen dressers, with an almost geometric design, in colours of black, white, or grey tones, perfectly complement sleek and stylish kitchen spaces.


Image: Venegas

5. Style Fusion

Traditional or contemporary? It’s difficult to choose! That’s why many of us are now opting to blend styles to create an eclectic fusion. Using a kitchen dresser that is the complete opposite of your existing decor and kitchen cabinets may seem strange, but it really can work!


Image: Lankford

6. Island Life

It’s not just full-size dressers that work in the kitchen. Maximise your work area by using a set of stunning drawers as a kitchen island, completely transforming the look and feel of your kitchen. This idea is perfect for smaller spaces where usable working areas are limited or restricted.


Image: ROM

7. Statement Piece

White kitchen cabinet doors are right on trend, but many of us are looking for more. We want that ‘clean’ look, but with a splash of colour, too. A kitchen dresser in a deep purple, vibrant red, or powder blue is a great way to transform your kitchen dresser into a bold statement piece.


Image: Exquisite