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8 of the Best Bedroom and Kitchen Trends of 2015

As the year draws to a close, we’ve started to think about some of the most amazing design trends we’ve seen for bedrooms and kitchens this year. Here’s the styles that have really helped transform our homes during 2015, and are right on track to be hot topics throughout 2016, too:

2015 Bedroom Trends

Copper Blush

Dulux’s ‘colour of the year’ can be described as an optical illusion and is great for homeowners who love their designs to have both flexibility and versatility. Paired with pretty florals, the pink tones of the colour really shine through, while paired with dark, rustic woods, the colour takes on an almost earthy, understated look. Adaptability is definitely ‘in’ this year.


Image Credit: Tara SeaWright

Mid-Century Modern

Minimalist styles have been replaced with ‘fussier’ designs this year, reminiscent of 1950’s trends. We’re seeing big, bold furniture, ‘statement piece’ sculptures and plenty of abstractivity – ideal for those who want to show off their personalities. We’re adding our own modern twists to these mid-century styles, such as simple peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Midcentury Modern bedroom

Image Credit: Chris Nguyen

Shades of Grey

Grey is 2015’s magnolia – a simple base that can be dressed up, or dressed down, however you like. It’s perfect for homeowners who want complete control over the look and feel of their bedroom. Go all out with a Hollywood glamour style bedroom with silver accents, give your room a soft touch with white furnishings, or go bold with a splash of colour.


Image Credit: Michael Abrams

Gloss Wardrobes

For homeowners that still prefer contemporary styles over traditional boldness, gloss wardrobes for the bedroom have proven hugely popular this year. They give bedrooms a sleek, streamlined, polished look and are great at making small rooms seem larger by reflecting light. Contrast with wooden furniture for a softer look and blended finish.

2015 Kitchen Trends

Brass & Copper Accents

From copper sinks and taps to brass light fittings and stools, copper and brass accents are ‘in’ this year. Ideal for those who do a lot of entertaining and really want the ‘wow’ factor in their kitchen, brass and copper fittings work well in both modern and traditional style kitchens. The style is best paired with white, grey, or black backdrops so it stands out against a monochrome design.

kitchen with brass copper accents

Image Credit: Bedford Brooks

Subway Tiles

Subway tile kitchen walls and splashbacks are just one of the ways we’re bringing the traditional back into our homes this year. Classic kitchens are always popular, and the NYC-style subway design is excellent when paired with cream coloured appliances for the complete ‘old school’ look. For those that love a bolder look, green subway tiles are right on trend.

kitchen with subway tiles on wall

Image Credit: Sandvold Blanda

Marsala Cabinets

Like Dulux’s Copper Blush, Pantone’s colour of the year – Marsala – is an optical illusion, and is great for those who value flexibility and versatility. Marsala cabinets have a rustic feel when paired with dark woods, which bring out the brown undertones, but become much more modern when paired with pinks and peaches, highlighting the bold red accents.


Image Credit: Refined


The white-on-white look is perfect for homeowners who love clean and simple styles, but still have a ‘naughty’ side too. White-on-white, such as white walls with white furniture, provides a fresh overall look, but it’s also breathtaking with some eye-catching splashes of colour thrown in too. Think vibrant artwork or letterbox red accessories.


Image Credit: M B Design Studio