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The Benefits of having a Bespoke Kitchen

In 2010, insurance company London Victoria (LV) stated that there has been a 45% increase on money spent on kitchens since 2005. Their study had shown that the majority of households regard their kitchen to be the most significant room of the house, and will spend an average of £4,000 to have a made to measure kitchen that will suit their lifestyles (1).

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where experiments are baked, meals are cooked and the all important beer is kept. Kitchens are not quiet, relaxing rooms, but a room that is used to make food with love (and more often than not frustration) and create memories.  

As the kitchen is the hub of the home, it is important that you have a kitchen that suits your needs and suits your family’s personality. A bespoke kitchen is designed to suit your lifestyle and has several benefits.


What are the advantages of a made to measure kitchen?

High Quality and Durable

When you’re spending a lot of time and money on a kitchen, it is important that your kitchen worktops are durable and will withstand heavy weights, hot surfaces and children swinging from the doors. Made to measure Kitchen worktops made from long lasting, high quality materials such as coated marble has a number of aesthetically stunning finishes to suit your lifestyle. There is also the option of using sustainable kitchen wood surfaces that are unique in the colours and patterns. In addition, some wood kitchen worktops are heat resistant and heavy duty therefore hiding the marks of everyday life.

Personal and Fitted for you

When you choose to have a bespoke kitchen, your wants and needs are the main priority. A made to measure kitchen will be designed to fit, unlike a kitchen made to fit into a room. You can be in control of every single detail when it comes to having a bespoke kitchen, from choosing the kitchen units and kitchen door handles to the colour scheme you want, and there will always be professional help to guide you.

If you’ve always wanted unique high-gloss coloured kitchen doors on your cupboards then made to measure kitchen doors means you can have that. If you’ve always dreamed of having modern or traditional kitchen door handles then that is what you’ll get when you choose a bespoke kitchen.

Benefits of Made To Measure

Flexible Design

As a bespoke kitchen is designed to fit your lifestyle and needs, it is incredibly flexible. If you want bold colours but have a small kitchen that will look better with neutral tones and different lighting, there will be a way to add bright colours.  If you need a specific number of cupboards and draws, then your made to measure kitchen will account for this.

If you want to stray away from a traditional looking kitchen and use deep, dark matte and high gloss colours will do so. Kitchen drawer and door handles make a kitchen. Chrome door handles offer a bright, specular finish, whereas brass door handles offer a more rustic feel. A bespoke kitchen will allow you to show your personality, whilst catering to your needs.

For advice on how to create a bespoke kitchen that is perfect for you, do not hesitate to phone 0121 289 3757 or get in touch.



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