Best kitchen layouts for parties

Best Kitchen Layouts for Entertaining

All of your family and friends know that you throw the best parties and gatherings when it comes to entertaining. Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, you’re hosting Eurovision or everyone is coming over for a few drinks in your kitchen, it’s guaranteed that you’ll hold a cracking shindig. However, there’s one thing that always seems to get in the way – your kitchen rarely feels like it’s ready for company! To help you make your Summer BBQ or Christmas cocktail party the one to be beat, we have come up with some tips and tricks to make sure your kitchen layout is party ready.


Opt for open shelving

Painted open shelving looks spectacular in any kitchen, as it offers a chic, homely aesthetic and makes a smaller kitchen seem much bigger. What makes open shelving such a great idea for those who love to entertain is that it makes grabbing tableware and glassware super easy! This means everyone can muck in when it comes to setting the table, getting drinks and just eating food.


Consider a kitchen island

For big family style gatherings where you have buffets of food and drink, a centre island is key. It’s where you can put all of your dishes, and then all of your guests can mingle in the kitchen at their leisure. This, in turn, leaves you to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) and takes the pressure off you to serve!


Install a wine rack

There’s a saying we all need to live by; “as long as there’s wine, everything’s fine.” So, whether you’re planning on completely renovating your kitchen, or you want to make it more party-friendly, consider either a built-in, under-the counter, temperature-controlled wine fridge or a metal wine rack that can tuck into a dead space in the kitchen.


Hide your kitchen utensils

Free up some extra counter space (trust us, it will be needed) by stowing small kitchen appliances such as your toaster and blender in your kitchen cupboards. This means when you start entertaining you’ll have so much more counter space. Find out more about hidden kitchen storage hacks.


Invest in some bar stools

If you’ve got lots of counter space, line them up with lightweight bar stools. These bar stools will be your very best friend, as everyone can pull up a pew and chat. Whether you choose to use them so that you can have a pre-dinner cocktail hub, or your bar stools become a spillover during a big party, a selection of lightweight bar stools will create a warm and welcoming kitchen while you’re entertaining.


Invest in some strip lighting

Add some warmth and extra lighting in your kitchen by installing some under cabinet strip lighting. Lightweight, inexpensive and DIY friendly, it’s never been easier to add some ambience into your kitchen, and they’ll create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere – perfect for a party! Read our blog about kitchen lighting on a budget.


Get a drinks trolley

A drinks trolley is the epitome of adulthood, and having a DIY cocktail bar trolley will make hosting and entertaining SO much easier. Keep all your gin, whiskeys, vodkas and liqueurs stored here, as long as some glass and cocktail ware, and then encourage your guests to help themselves!