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Best Storage Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

Best Storage Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

Best Storage Ideas for a Child’s Bedroom

As most parents will testify, even the most sparsely furnished homes can become overrun with clutter when children arrive, with an almost never-ending stream of toys, books and clothes threatening to engulf your property. Fortunately, a comprehensive range of storage solutions are available, meaning not only can you keep your house in show home condition but you can also be reassured that your little ones are less likely to come to harm tripping over their scattered possessions.

Under-bed storage

With restricted storage an ongoing problem for many parents, it is vital to utilise all available space including those areas which are often overlooked or forgotten. The void under your child’s bed is one such example, but thankfully under-bed storage solutions are designed to maximise this space (and you may be pleasantly surprised how much you can comfortably store here). Spacious drawers on castors for easy removal are the perfect way to store a variety of your child’s possessions and, positioned underneath the bed, are hidden from view.

When a Bed is Not a Bed

Traditionally beds were only designed as a comfortable place to sleep, but modern styles make effective use of the surrounding space and can provide you with substantial storage of varying shapes and sizes. Among the most versatile are mid-sleepers, high-sleepers and cabin beds which raise the level at which your child sleeps in return for utilising the space underneath. With drawers, cupboards and even small wardrobes incorporated into the overall design, these beds combine the practicality of space for sleeping with the convenience of ample storage, making them particularly useful in bedrooms where there is limited room for separate freestanding furniture.

Soft storage

If your children are young and you are concerned about safety, then soft storage not only provides you with the space you need for their toys but also poses less risk as there are no hard edges or sharp corners against which to fall. Soft storage exists in a wide variety of styles and colours and can therefore be matched with the décor of your child’s bedroom, making it a perfect solution for your storage problems.

Storing your child’s growing mound of possessions needn’t be complex. With a wide variety of storage options available to suit every size, style and shape of room, you can be confident of finding the perfect storage to complement your home.