Bedroom and bedroom furniture

How to Maximise Your Wardrobe Space

When you are running out of room in your wardrobe, you may feel that you have too many clothes. However, for many, this may not be the case and it could be down to a lack of organisation in your…

Hinge adjustment

How to Adjust Your Wardrobe Doors

Adjusting your wardrobe doors is an affordable and easy fix, even for novice DIYers. Whether you’re fitting new wardrobe doors, they aren’t closing properly, they’re looking a bit wonky, you have gaps in between the doors, or they bump into…

new bedding

How to Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Sometimes, homeowners may have certain rooms which they would like to appear bigger than they actually are. This is particularly true for the bedroom, as you would want to impress your guests that are stopping over with the design of…