Kitchens through the decades

Kitchens Through the Decades

Society thrives on changing styles and fashion fads, and this is perhaps most notable within the home itself. Throughout history, from the time of the Anglo Saxons all the way through to the Victorians, the kitchen has always been at…

Importance of Colour

The Importance of Colour – Pantone Inc & its Influence | The Lark

Colour plays a crucial role in the world in which we live. From completely changing your mood to influencing the way you think and raising your blood pressure, the power of colour shouldn’t ever be underestimated. Colour is a herculean form of communication; it’s irreplaceable. From a luminous yellow giving you a headache to a calm lavender soothing your eyes or a deep red triggering romantic feelings, every individual should think about the colours they want in their life. From the clothing you wear to the home you live in, you should surround yourself with shades and tones that bring out the best in you. Often, this is influenced by colour trends, but who decides what the colour of the year is? How do they get to this conclusion? When it comes to interior design, colour is vital, and Pantone is a prestigious company, as their colour decisions influence many industries within the Western world.…