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Best kitchen layouts for parties

Best Kitchen Layouts for Entertaining

All of your family and friends know that you throw the best parties and gatherings when it comes to entertaining. Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, you’re hosting Eurovision or everyone is coming over for a few drinks in your kitchen,…

How to baby proof your kitchen

How to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where friends and family spend time eating, drinking and relaxing. It’s also the place where you store your cutlery, prepare food and cook meals, making it a room that poses a lot…

Victorian-style kitchen

7 Ways to Create a Victorian Style Kitchen

Butlers, balls and Mr Darcy himself; when it comes to envisioning the Victorian era, our minds instantly conjure up images of classic luxury, elegance and timeless beauty. From picturesque horse-drawn carriages, to gilded furniture and exquisite clothing, a vast array…