The Best Colour Schemes to Have in Your Bedroom

When you are selecting your bedroom paint colours, it can be difficult to select a colour scheme that is perfect for your taste and for your bedroom. The colour scheme of your bedroom should help bring a story to life and express your personality. For example, a bedroom should be a relaxing space and this can be reflected in the colours of your walls. This post aims to guide you in which colour scheme you should have in your bedroom in 2022.

What Emotions do Certain Colours Cause

It is suggested that certain colours can impact the moods of individuals and can also have an effect on the functions of the body. For example, red is suggested to increase the heart rate and blood pressure of an individual. Red is also suggested to be an active and aggressive colour. 

In addition, black is suggested to be an angry and aggressive colour. Black is also described to be a powerful colour and is popular for those who buy luxury cars. 

Finally, colours like blue, purple and green are suggested to be calm colours, however can be interpreted as being sad or indifferent. 

Source: Psychologist World & VeryWell Mind

The Best Colours to Choose

  • Lavender- Lavender is a naturally relaxing colour and will provide you with a serene setting. 
  • Terracotta- Terracotta can provide warmth to a bedroom, so is ideal in the winter months, as well as matching dark furniture and house plants
  • Slate blue- Blue can act as a colour that brings peacefulness to your bedroom. Also, it has been suggested that blue is the best colour for sleep, due to its calming qualities. 
  • Royal purple- purple can be seen as an edgy colour to have in your bedroom. By having a deep shade of purple, you can add an elegant edge to the bedroom.
Royal Purple
  • Cream- cream is a perfect colour to create an airy room and is perfect for smaller bedrooms.
  • Dark grey- Dark grey is a suitable colour for those that are wanting to create a modern style, as well as add a warm tone to your room
  • Light green- Light green is a suitable choice for those that are wanting to create a clean and earthy feel to your room. 
  • Mustard yellow- Mustard yellow is a good choice for those that are wanting to create a fun and vibrant bedroom. 
  • Rose pink- Rose pink can act as a comforting colour for those and they match well with warm copper or light gold accents
  • Bright White- Bright white can be a suitable colour for those that are looking to energise their bedroom and create a vast, open bedroom.
White Bedroom
  • Light grey- light grey can be a good way to create a cool feel to your bedroom and enhance a room natural light
  • Gold- Gold can add an elegant feel to your bedroom, as well as have a particularly effective impact when done as a feature wall
  • Creamy apricot- A creamy apricot design can add a bit of flair to your bedroom and give it a unique feel – remove
  • Light Yellow- Light yellow can add a soothing yet cheerful touch to your bedroom – remove
  • Sea blue- Sea blue can add a modern and minimalistic feel to your bedroom. This colour is particularly popular for houses near the beach
  • Indigo blue- Indigo blue is an ideal colour for those that are wishing to add a dark yet calming blue to their bedroom. 
  • Green- Green can be a good choice for those who are wanting to add colour to their bedroom. Whether that be a light or dark shade, green can be a sure way of adding personality to your room.


How do I choose the colour for my bedroom?

The first thing you need to do is assess the furniture in your room. If you have light furniture, then choose a soft, light palette. However, if you have dark coloured furniture, then you should go for a darker colour.

What colour should I avoid in my Bedroom?

The main colours which you should avoid in your bedrooms include:

  • Red- As mentioned earlier, this increases heart rate 
  • Orange- This colour encourages enthusiasm and is an energetic colour
  • Dark brown- This song tends to close a room and makes it smaller than it is
  • Bright yellow- This can be seen as distracting (which means it could be difficult to get to sleep)
  • Lime green- This colour can be closely associated with a neon-like effect and be uncomfortable when you are trying to sleep

What is the best paint colour for a children’s bedroom?

When designing a child’s bedroom, you should go for a fun and vibrant colour, such as aqua, sky blue, light green or beige. You should try and avoid light colours, such as white because children might make a mess and damage the walls. 

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