Conker Season is here! Conker Activities for Children

Conkers are currently in abundance, lying underneath horse chestnut trees ready for children to harvest. Conkers bring instant memories of childhood games and hijinks, and there’s plenty you can do with an armful of conkers, with your child and throughout the home.

Create a Magic Spider Scarer

If you live in a household of arachnophobes, conkers contain a chemical that spiders absolutely hate. A pile of conkers stored in a wardrobe can also keep away dreaded moths from nibbling on your knitwear.

Arrange a few conkers in a muslin bag for a charm to get rid of dreaded spiders and help ward away any creepy crawlies from your house!

Make an Autumn Wreath

If you can’t wait to make a Christmas wreath, an autumn wreath is just as impressive and fun to make! Using oasis and wire you can thread together twine, leaves, conkers, twigs, acorns, sweet chestnuts and pine cones to create a fabulous autumn wreath to give your home a seasonal touch.

Make Conker Jewellery

Vivienne Westwood herself has been photographed wearing a conker necklace – so get fashion forward by crafting some conker jewellery! Bracelets and necklaces can easily be made with wire, string, conkers and maybe even a few plastic jewels and fabric. You can even have a little fashion show at the end to show off your creations to the whole family.

Prepare for a Game of Conkers!

What makes the perfect weapon for a session of playing conkers? Soak your conker in vinegar for an hour, bake on a high heat for a couple of minutes and drill a hole through the middle to thread your extra tough conker and get ready for action! Make a decent sized batch so any visiting friends can join in and to account for a few injured conkers.

Make your Conkers Explode!

This is a great one for bonfire night – when conkers get hot, they fill up with steam and boom! – they explode with a very satisfying popping sound! Throw a few in a fire and see science at work. Keep a safe distance from the bonfire and always keep safety in mind.