Decorating your kitchen for Christmas

How to Decorate Your Kitchen for Christmas

Full of laughter, fun, champagne and of course the delicious smells of the all important Christmas dinner, the kitchen is the heart of the home throughout the wintry month of December. However, even though a vast majority of time is spent in the kitchen during the Christmas period, the kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to festive decorations.

To help give your kitchen a magical makeover this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list filled with some quick and easy tips to help transform your kitchen into a festive grotto fit for Santa himself. We’ve made the list, so don’t forget to check it twice!


Hang Some Festive Garlands

One of the biggest problems with decorating a kitchen for Christmas is the limited amount of surfaces and space available. While living rooms are filled with tables, windowsills and fireplaces to fill with ornaments; due to cabinets, ovens and all sorts of other knick knacks, kitchens can often seem limited on space to say the least. However where there’s a will, there’s a way. By adding garlands, wreaths and sprigs of mistletoe to rafters, kitchen doors and other ceiling fixtures, you can instantly add a cosy festive feel to your kitchen.


Add Some Christmassy Candles

When it comes to winter, nothing says cosy quite like some flickering candles. To give a warm festive glow to your kitchen this winter, why not invest in some Christmas candles. Guaranteed to light up your home, festive candles are a simple but incredibly effective trick that will instantly transform your kitchen.


Create Some Christmas Centerpieces

A quick and easy way to instantly brighten any kitchen is to add an eye catching centrepiece. By simple adding a vase of flowers, or even just an ornamental bowl, colour and personality can instantly be injected into any kitchen. To put a Christmas spin on this classic trick, simply trade your normal flowers for a bright poinsettia and the ornamental bowl for a festive pinecone display. You can get as fun and creative as you want here, so let your imagination go wild and create a snowy masterpiece that will blow away all your friends and family.


Get a Christmas Tree for the Kitchen

When it comes to Christmas trees, many people opt to have only one, and 9 out of 10 times place it within the comfort of the living room. But why stop there? If you’re lucky enough to have a big spacious kitchen, why not invest in adding another glittering Christmas tree to your home to bring the festivities right into the kitchen? If space is an issue, smaller mini trees are also an option to be placed on shelves and scattered around on top of kitchen units. You can even make your own by spray painting some twigs and hanging baubles off the branches to make a creative Christmas tree that is guaranteed to make a festive statement.


Invest in Some Christmas Coverings

Nothing says Christmas quite like splashes of gold, green and red. To inject some Christmas colour to your home, why not look at purchasing some festive tablecloths, teatowels or even cushions? By adding these simple touches, you can instantly transform your kitchen into a cosy winter wonderland that you’ll never want to leave.


Create a Festive Food Display

Everyone knows that Christmas is all about the food. After all what better sight is there than a scrumptious chocolate cake, or a succulent turkey, or even a glistening Christmas pudding? To really create a feast for your eyes, why not incorporate some festive food ideas into a sparkling display? Whether you make a cute ‘hot chocolate’ station, or a ‘biscuit buffet’ or even a Christmas themed ‘boozy bar’ atop your kitchen worktop, you can make a decorative dream that’s sure to get some tummies rumbling.


Drape Some Christmas Lights Around

Here at Lark and Larks, we can’t get enough of fairy lights. Whether they’re around a Christmas tree, wrapped around furniture or simply hanging from the walls, there’s nothing more magical or more Christmassy that some sparkling fairy lights. To give your kitchen a truly festive feel, hang some magical lights around the window and around the kitchen to create a truly enchanting Christmas wonderland.

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen in time for Christmas, contact one of our friendly team today and we’ll help make your kitchen dreams a reality.