Decorating a Bedroom for Sharing Siblings

Happy girls using digital tablet in house made of blanketsIt’s being reported that millions of people are living in homes that are too small to accommodate their growing families, and rising property prices are making it difficult – or even impossible – to move to a larger home. So what’s the solution? Don’t move – improve!

Redecorating, redesigning, and rethinking how you use the rooms in your home is a much more cost effective solution than moving, and, when done correctly, it can really help to maximise your space and provide a healthy, uncluttered, and enjoyable place for your growing family to live.

Shared Bedrooms

If you have young children at home, encouraging them to share a bedroom can have a significant impact, providing additional space when you need it most. Sharing a room can have many advantages for kids, strengthening the sibling bond, but some children do find it difficult to share a room because they want to be able to express their own personalities and identities. The solution? Clever bedroom design ideas that incorporate different tastes and styles into a single, combined space.

How to Decorate a Shared Bedroom

If you’re looking for some inspiration for decorating a shared bedroom for kids, here are some great ideas that will tick all the boxes:

Interior Children's bunk bed

  • Bunk / Twin Beds – Kids should still have their own space when sharing a room with siblings, which means having their own bed. To save space, consider bunk beds which help to maximise floor space, or small single beds that are a little smaller than a standard single.

  • Personal Storage – If you want your kids to keep their room tidy, storage is a must! Underbed storage can be very beneficial for shared bedrooms, offering dedicated storage for each child, in their own personal space, where they can keep their own belongings, toys, and trinkets.

  • Mix ‘n’ Match – For kids with different tastes, try mixing and matching varying styles and characters around the room, rather than taking a ‘half and half’ approach. The idea is to create a welcoming space for both children, not to segregate them into their own side.

    Twin bedroom with roses fresco decoration

  • Privacy Partitions – Even if your children are best friends, we all need a bit of ‘me’ time every now and then. Partitions can be very effective, and they can look great, too! Why not try adding a bookcase filled with your kids’ favourite books to create a boundary.

  • Combined Play Area – To ensure children don’t just spend their time in their ‘section’ of the bedroom, why not add a combined play area that’s filled with all their favourite toys? Your kids can play, socialise, and bond before retreating to their own personal space for sleeping.