Finding the Perfect Storage Solutions for Your Fitted Kitchen

If there is one part of the home where storage truly matters, it’s the kitchen. Your kitchen must serve as storage for a diverse array of items from small appliances to cooking utensils and food.  Regardless if your kitchen is small or large, you will always need effective kitchen storage solutions.

Organisation is critical in any kitchen environment and it is important to have a place for everything. If you are limited on space, maximising your kitchen’s existing storage is essential. There are a number of solutions that will help you to clear out clutter and turn your new fitted kitchen into a highly functional and organised work space.

By making use of each corner of space, you will be able to seamlessly maximise your kitchen storage. The first step is to determine how best to organise your tools and belongings. It is often effective to try grouping them by task such as baking equipment or grilling tools. If you are able to identify a place for everything, it will be much easier and quicker to access them when you need them.

The Simplest Solutions Can Achieve Extraordinary Results

Your system does not need to be complicated at all. The idea is to achieve a harmonious balance between form and function where you transform an ordinary cabinet into an outstanding kitchen. Smart storage solutions combine capacity with convenience for use in modern multi-use kitchens that often serve as a living space as well. Kesseböhmer storage solutions boast innovative designs that reflect elegance and functionality but also have the ability to save space. These solutions help to put everything in their own place while always being within seamless reach.

Kitchen wirework and various kitchen storage solutions can be used to customise your fitted kitchen to suit your needs and lifestyle. Baskets are useful for smaller miscellaneous items that do not have a specific home or items that are difficult to store due to an irregular shape or size. Drawer dividers can be easily used to separate various tools including spoons and spatulas while keeping pots and pans organised. In fitted kitchens, there are a wide range of cabinet accessories that can be installed during or after the fitting of your new cabinets. These accessories are incredibly useful in getting a handle on kitchen clutter. You can use kitchen pullouts for seamless access difficult to reach places. The sheer number of kitchen innovations designed to clean your clutter and create convenience will surprise any homeowner.

Use Storage Solutions to Bring Out the Best in your Kitchen

Analysing your kitchen space and selecting the appropriate kitchen storage solutions will:

  • Create additional working space on your kitchen counters by de-cluttering
  • Streamline all of your basic kitchen essentials including seasonings and appliances
  • Build efficiency by offering seamless access to frequently used and difficult to reach items

Here are some other clever ways to help maximise storage space in your kitchen:

Kitchen Pullouts are the most popular kitchen cabinet organiser

Pullout drawers are incredibly useful in kitchen cabinets. They are ideal for use in bottom cabinets and seamlessly allow you to see the contents on each shelf. The main advantage of using kitchen pullout storage is that you can obtain a clear view of the entire contents of a cabinet without having to dig and hunt towards the back. However, it is important to note that the mechanism will consume a bit of room in each cabinet slightly limiting storage space.

Kitchen Corners can be untapped sources of storage

A corner kitchen cabinet has the ability to store a wide range of items including pots, pans, mixers, or other kitchen equipment. The cabinet is a combination of a drawer and a door. As the door opens, all of the contents of your corner cabinet become visible. Kesseböhmer storage units for corner cabinets offer a wide range of options for utilising the maximum amount of space while providing your kitchen with a clean and spacious look. From basic kitchen carousels to a wide selection of kitchen wirework innovations, there is no reason that a corner cabinet cannot be a fully functional part of your kitchen.

Tall Cabinets maximise floor space by focusing your storage upwards

In many modern kitchens, high boards are used as standalone or block units. It is quite common to see an oven and microwave integrated into a high board block. The refrigerator and grocery cupboard are also common high board combinations. By using clever kitchen storage solutions made by Innostor, you can make your high altitude storage useful and accessible. The Innostor pull out tall kitchen storage wireworks solution is a soft close larder unit that offers a smooth opening and closing motion regardless of how loaded the kitchen unit is. The best part is that the unit gives you easy access and a full view of everything on the very top shelf that would traditionally be a difficult to reach place.

Base Cabinets need not be the depths of despair

The goal behind a functional kitchen is to implement smart storage solutions. Base cabinets have always existed but using them has been a nuisance, especially when one had to reach into the deepest sections. Standard base units are typically 56 centimetres deep making items difficult to reach without constant rearranging. You can convert base cabinets into smart storage by obtaining kitchen pullouts that will enable the stored items to be effortlessly moved to the front of the cabinet for easy viewing and access. By using kitchen wirework and pullout drawers for your kitchen storage, you will enjoy access to baking trays, pressure cookers, and whatever you want whenever you want.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, all kitchens can benefit from modern kitchen storage accessories. Space saving kitchen wirework will help you maximise and optimise your entire kitchen storage space. Kitchen wirework by Innostor and Kesseböhmer storage solutions will help to make awkward areas completely functional in your fitted kitchen. From kitchen carousels to kitchen pullouts, there are solutions available to make use of storage space in awkward corners and larder cupboards giving you seamless and efficient access to the entire contents.