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Child-Friendly Kitchen Advice

Child-Friendly Kitchen Advice

Five Easy Steps To A Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is a room for all the family, where parents can introduce their kids to the joys of cooking while spending time together. Kitchens, though, can harbour many hidden dangers that parents need to look out for, so what are some easy-to-implement steps to make your kitchen child-friendly?

One of the simplest ways to make the room safer is through smart use of kitchen storage. Knife blocks and heavy pots are often left out on surfaces, presenting a risk to those young ones with wandering hands. By taking advantage of a purpose-built knife drawer with a child-safe lock attached, you can be sure that children aren’t at risk. Similarly, larder units or wall-mounted cabinets offer an easy way to keep things out of reach.

But rather than just child-proofing the kitchen, why not take some steps to actively encourage the kids to get involved with household duties in a fun and secure way? Dedicating one of the lower units to the children’s cups, bowls and utensils will give them their own little space in the room, one which will help them stay safe. Not only will it mean they aren’t clambering on stools trying to reach items among the other crockery and implements, it’s also a good way to introduce some healthy domestic habits that will stay with them forever. By using this space to show them how to store things safely and as a base from which to involve them in baking or washing up, you can help them to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen in the long-term.

Of course, cupboard doors can pose a risk themselves, especially if they’re not fitted with soft-close hinges to prevent door slams and trapped fingers. Indeed, many kitchen accessories are available to assist you in your child-friendly mission, not least adjustable cabinet support legs, which can be used to elevate the child’s cabinet as they grow older and taller.

Finally, it’s important that a family kitchen is easy to both clean and maintain, in order to ensure that kids aren’t exposed to unhygienic conditions or chipped surfaces. Choosing the right kind of material for kitchen doors and units is therefore essential. Vinyl-covered MDF is one recommended option, as it offers an easy-to-clean surface that is both durable and versatile in terms of design.