Cosy bedroom

Five Ways to Make your Bedroom Extra Cosy this Winter

Well, the dark nights are drawing in and it’s really starting to look like that time is near! In the depths of winter do you dread getting into your ice-cold bedroom? Well, maybe we can help!

1. Invest in a throw

A nice, thick throw can make a huge difference. A good throw or a faux fur cosy can be the difference between a cold bed and a luxuriously warm one.

A cosy not only adds an extra layer of warmth but can give a great warming feeling- just seeing a big warm blanket over your bed is enough to make you feel snug!

2. Change your lampshade for a warming glow

Do you have a stark lampshade giving a cool light? Or, worse, no lampshade at all?

Cold light can give a clinical or cold feel. Switch up to something that casts a warmer glow and your bedroom will start to feel like a cosy den in no time! Experiment with different lighting set-ups to get a room that feels truly toasty!

3. Switch up to winter sheets

It may seem obvious but lots of people forget to switch their duvets for winter, or worse only have one! That means either sweltering in summer or freezing in winter. Check the thickness on your duvet to make sure it’s suitable for the frosty season and if it gets really arctic throw your summer one on top too!

4. Set up a bedside table

A bedside table with a lamp and a good book is an absolute winter must. Get it right and you’ll be looking forward to curling up with a good book every night. And when you start feeling sleepy you don’t have to interrupt your hibernation to turn off the light and sleep through the cold, dark night. What could be better?

5. Keep your toes toasty with a deep pile rug

It’s one of those winter mysteries that will never be solved- nothing seems to get cold like feet. When Jack Frost is nipping at your toes nothing is worse than leaving your warm bed directly onto an ice cold floor- especially if you have wood flooring.

A nice, deep pile or woolly rug can save your extremities and make a bedroom feel truly cosy.