Bedroom Feng Shui

Four Quick and Easy Ways to Apply Feng Shui to Your Bedroom Right Now

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which focuses on spatial arrangements in your home. If your home is organised correctly, it can be more relaxing (based on the flow of chi – an invisible life force according to Chinese culture). Feng Shui has evolved over 3,000 years, and many aspects remain in popular culture – such as the concept of balancing ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, and the manifestations of “Bad” and “Good” energy.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Feng shui can become very complicated, but from a starting point, introducing a positive energy to your room can be very easy. Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, many still apply the basic principles to their room arrangements, as they tend to be the most practical. In the bedroom in particular, feng shui has been designed to promote good sleep, health, comfort and relaxation.

Change the Placement of your Bed

The largest piece of furniture in your bedroom needs to be placed in the correct position for the rest of your room to flow around it. Feng shui dictates that your bed should be central to the room rather than against a wall, with a bedside table on either side for balance, and facing a window (where you can rest in natural light) rather than a door.

Promote Good Air Quality

As well as lots of space, make sure your bedroom also has a good flow of air. Open your windows often, or use an air purifier during the winter to make sure the air in your room is always fresh and never stale. You can also help this by not leaving clothes or wet towels on the floor and always clearing up any dirty cutlery left in the bedroom.

Remove Electrical Equipment

Computers, laptops, televisions, exercise bikes and games consoles belong in a room other than the bedroom. Glowing screens, standby buttons and cables do not make for a relaxing atmosphere. Remove as much electrical equipment from your room as possible (this can all be placed in your living room or a more practical spare space.) For the highest quality of sleep and rest, your bedroom should be free from distractions.

Choose Art Carefully

Feng Shui is all about promoting good fortune and positive energy. The art you choose to go on your walls is a huge influence on the energy of your room. Pick art that is bright, positive, and reflects not where you are in life, but where you want to be. If you have felt stressed in your life, don’t pick busy city scapes, but peaceful imagery of nature.