Gender Neutral Colour Schemes for a Nursery

Decorating a nursery can be an exciting time for prospective parents in the lead up to the birth and will involve choosing a colour scheme. While some might opt for blue or pink, many parents these days choose not to know the sex of their baby until it makes an arrival.

This rules out opting for the more traditional colours, although there are plenty of gender neutral options that can bring a beautiful look to a nursery. The following are some of the best to consider.


Yellow tends to be one of the classic gender neutral colours and there are various ways it can be used. A pastel shade creates a softer, more muted appearance for walls, while a more vivid yellow can bring a brighter, sunnier look to a room. Either style can produce an attractive, colourful finish that works well in a nursery.


While some might see grey as not colourful enough for a child’s bedroom, it can make a good choice in lighter shades. It can also be used as a background colour with accents of teal added to brighten the appearance. For a bolder look a darker shade of grey can be used when matched with some brighter fixtures and fittings (to make sure it is not overwhelming!). This can be achieved using white nursery furniture and adding some bright pictures and shelving on the walls.


Lighter shades of taupe can give a room a warm glow when used on walls and adding some bright accents can stop the neutral from appearing too bland. This can be done by hanging some larger pictures or adding some wall stickers. Parents who want to use wooden nursery furniture will find that lighter taupe matches well with this for a coordinated finish.


This is another of the common gender neutral colours and in lighter shades can produce an attractive finish. Parents that decide to go for something more than just single colour walls can use green as a natural background for an animal theme. Simple options for this range from farmyard ideas such as ducks, lambs, and horses, to more exotic jungle scenery that includes monkeys, tigers, and elephants.

Parents obviously want a nursery ready and looking its best for the homecoming of their child. The ideas above are some to consider for those that choose not to know the sex of their baby and are looking for some attractive gender neutral design ideas.