How to choose the right kitchen handles

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Door Handles

Choosing the right kitchen door handles to complement your kitchen units can be tricky. A lot of thought is usually put into how to choose kitchen units themselves, but kitchen door handles are also an important part of any kitchen design.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you choose the best cupboard handles for your kitchen. If you’re considering updating your bedroom, our guide may also be a useful resource, as many of our door handles can be used for both kitchen doors and bedroom wardrobes.

Should you choose cupboard doors or handles first?

Although most people choose cupboards before choosing handles to accompany them, it’s not as rare as you might think for people to choose their door handles before purchasing cupboard doors. This is usually because one of the handles available amongst the increased variety of cupboard door handles on the market today was exactly what was wanted for the kitchen design. 

Whether you choose your kitchen door handles before or after your kitchen units, it’s still important to ensure the style is consistent, both in terms of matching the cupboard door handles to the cupboards themselves and in relation to the overall kitchen decor. To do so, you need to consider the style of your door handles, as well as their colour and the materials used to make them.

Modern vs traditional styles

One question you may ask is ‘Do I have a modern or traditional kitchen?’ While some kitchen designs don’t clearly match either a modern or traditional style, other kitchens may be entirely modern or very traditional. If your kitchen design falls neatly into one of these two categories, it’s advisable to follow the same style by choosing either contemporary or traditional kitchen door handles to complement your existing kitchen. 

For those whose kitchens seem to combine contemporary and traditional kitchen features, we sell a range of rod and bar kitchen handles, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all kitchen designs. Our long bar handles are ideal for those looking to create a minimalist kitchen design, as their size means you can sometimes use just one cupboard door handle on large cupboards, to create a sleek yet simplistic look.

Kitchen door handle materials

The material you choose for your kitchen cupboard door handles is likely to depend upon which kitchen style you have. As a general rule, however, it’s best not to mix different types of wood for your cupboard door handles and to use one type of door handle throughout your kitchen. This helps to achieve a consistent appearance within your kitchen and minimises the risk of materials clashing with your kitchen cupboards.

Modern kitchens

Cupboard door handle materials which complement modern kitchens the most are chrome and stainless steel. Chrome and stainless steel door handles provide a sleek design and therefore complement contemporary-style kitchens. 

Traditional kitchens

For traditional kitchens, making sure your cupboard door handles don’t clash can be difficult. To achieve rustic charm and ensure your kitchen door handles are made from materials that suit a traditional kitchen design, opt for antique brass door handles, wooden door handles or transitional materials.

Transitional kitchens

Transitional materials are designed to suit both modern and traditional styles, so they’re ideal for kitchens which include both contemporary and traditional features. They also provide a suitable alternative for those who don’t know if they will redesign their kitchen soon and want to ensure the handles won’t clash with a kitchen update. Examples of transitional materials used to make cupboard door handles include pewter, copper and cast iron. Most transitional kitchen designs incorporate a mixture of man-made and natural materials, usually using neutral tones to create a versatile appearance that suits different kitchen styles.

Kitchen door handle colours

Cupboard door handle colours will need to match your existing kitchen design. However, this does not mean that the best way to avoid clashes within your kitchen is to choose the same colour for kitchen door handles as you’ve chosen, or will choose, for your kitchen doors. In fact, contrasting colours can be aesthetically pleasing and helps to ensure that the door handles are easily distinguished from the cupboard doors themselves. 

Popular door handle colours include silver, white and black. For traditional kitchen doors, antique silver and antique-style pewter with a white finish are usually the most suitable options. To obtain a more contemporary style, black door handles suit high-gloss kitchen cupboard units and complement cupboards which feature light paint shades, in addition to most modern kitchen designs. White ceramic will complement transitional kitchens without clashing with traditional and modern kitchen features, as white is a neutral colour, which can blend into light and dark cupboards.

For further guidance on how to choose kitchen door handles or information about our existing products, please contact us to speak to an expert from Lark & Larks.