How to Choose the Right Kitchen Doors for Your Home

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, one of the most important decisions that you will make is what style of kitchen doors to install in your kitchen. Kitchen doors are one of the main visual focal points of any kitchen and the type of door you select should be a reflection of your preferences and personality.

Understanding the Various Kitchen Door Styles

With an incredible array of replacement kitchen doors available on the market, there are plenty of options available to suit a range of styles whether you are seeking a contemporary or traditional approach. In order to get a better idea of the look that you are going for, browsing through interior design magazines is a good place to start. You could also try doing a search online and scan through the thousands of kitchen photographs available. Browsing on the Lark and Larks website to see the various kitchen door options for sale is also a good source of inspiration.

Made to Measure kitchen doors can be classified into three primary styles:

  • Slab Doors: If you are going for simplicity with a clean and uncluttered look, slab doors are a good choice with the single, smooth panel that covers the front of the cabinet.
  • Raised Panel Doors: Those seeking a formal approach with an elegant design will prefer the raised panel door with a wood frame glued over the door face for the raised appearance.
  • Recessed Panel Doors: If you prefer the farmhouse or country kitchen look, recessed panel doors are an excellent choice with a panel fitted behind the door frame.

Choosing the Appropriate Material for Kitchen Doors

If you are planning to purchase replacement kitchen doors, you should always consider practical factors when selecting the material. Kitchen doors are most commonly made from wood, MDF vinyl coated or Metal Kitchen Doors.

  • Solid Wood Doors: These kitchen doors are incredibly durable and are available in a wide array of colours and finishes. They are usually stained or painted. Wood does require routine maintenance and kitchen doors may contract and expand depending on humidity levels.
  • MDF: MDF is made of several thin layers of wood being pressed together into medium-density fibreboard and then covered with stylish vinyl coverings or foil. It is by far the least expensive material available on the market. Because of the wide range of vinyl’s and foils available, these kitchen doors are available in a wide array of colours and styles.
  • Metal Kitchen Doors: These doors are typically made from stainless steel and are popular in contemporary designs. While they are highly durable, they are also more expensive than wood.  A more affordable way to achieve the metallic look without the premium price is to select a laminate door and choose a cover with a metallic finish.

What You Need to Know About Solid Wood Kitchen Doors

If you have decided to go for solid wood kitchen doors, that is only half of the decision. You must also determine the type of wood that should be used for your new kitchen doors. With each different type of wood, there is a variety of looks, styles, and tones.

Here are the most common solid wood choices:

  • Oak Kitchen Doors: Oak is known for its durability as it not as prone to expansion in high humidity. Oak features coarse grains that can be accentuated with a dark stain or softened when paired with a lighter stain.
  • Birch Kitchen Doors: Birch is usually the least expensive choice when it comes to solid wood kitchen doors. It is commonly used in stock cabinets and is known for its porous texture. While it is possible to stain birch kitchen doors, the finish does not always appear uniform.
  • Pine Kitchen Doors: Pine is another popular choice for those seeking an inexpensive option. It is most commonly used in less formal kitchens as the wood tends to contain knots.

Choosing the Finish Best Suited to Your Lifestyle

The finish that you select will ultimately depend on the type of material selected and the needs of your lifestyle. Practical considerations include budget, on-going maintenance, ease of cleaning, and durability for families. Regardless of your specific needs, there will always be a finish suited perfectly for you.

  • High Gloss Painted Wood Doors: High gloss kitchen doors continue to be a hot design trend. The sprayed lacquer finish is durable and hard to wear ranking only second to glass. The high gloss finish makes a stylish impression reminiscent of urban chic. Although not as expensive as in the past, selecting unique colours may add cost.
  • Natural Finish Wood Doors: Natural tones and materials are a big trend and nothing says natural more than a solid wood door with a natural finish. They reflect simplicity and the beauty of nature showcasing the unique patterns in the wood. These doors are referred to as natural because no toners, stains, or paints have been used on them.
  • Painted Wood Doors: A painted kitchen door has the ability to add an extra aspect of depth and contrast in your kitchen. The beauty of the painted finish is that you can mix and match according to your style and personality.  White and off-white are the most popular colours.
  • Vinyl & Acrylic Wrapped Kitchen Doors: Vinyl and acrylic doors are growing in popularity as a cost effective alternative to solid wood doors. In addition to their durability, new technology has led to an extensive array of contemporary, traditional, and wood grain finishes that are well suited for modern designs. Popular brands in the vinyl range include Unique Kitchen Doors and Bella Kitchen Doors. In most cases, these vinyl wrapped kitchen doors are very economical offering a durable cost effective product that can offer unique designs including the look of wood without any blemishes. Acrylic is a new popular trend defined as “the new black” in kitchen design. Acrylic kitchen doors are known for their durability, resistance to water, long lasting life, and ease in cleaning and maintenance.  Zurfiz kitchen and Gravity Kitchen doors are a leading brand of acrylic kitchen doors offering a range of ultra-modern high-gloss designs.

The Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to put the final touch on your new fitted kitchen by pairing your replacement kitchen doors with the extensive range of matching accessories available including pullouts, drawer fronts, handles, cornice, plinth, end panels, and storage accessories among many other choices. By carefully evaluating your options, it won’t be long until you have chosen the dream kitchen for you.