Child's bedroom with bedroom storage unit

How To Decorate A Child’s Room To Help Them Sleep Soundly

As any parent knows, getting your child peacefully to sleep can be challenging. Fortunately, by decorating and arranging your child’s bedroom using the helpful ideas below, it can be far easier for your child to quickly fall asleep and sleep the whole night through.

Calming Colours

Children respond in different ways to different colours. If your goal is to help your child relax and fall asleep as smoothly as possible, then you need to carefully pick a colour range to decorate the room that will make them feel calm and secure. Colours to consider using in combination when painting and decorate your child’s room include blue, violet and grey.

Controlled Brightness Lighting

Lighting can have a large effect on the sleeping patterns of people of all ages. For children, it is vital that in the run-up to bedtime they aren’t in a room with extremely bright, artificial lighting as the light emitted by such lighting can make it difficult to fall asleep quickly when the lights are turned off. This is partly due to melatonin production being suppressed. To counteract this, consider installing lighting in your kids’ bedrooms which has multiple brightness settings so that in the hour or so before bedtime the lighting they are exposed to is far dimmer that the lighting earlier in the day.

Make Sure Kids’ Bedrooms Are Quiet

Loud noise from other rooms in the family home can seriously disrupt the sleep of children. Options for dealing with this include carefully positioning your children’s beds so that they are as far away from any noise as possible, or installing noise proofing insulation onto the bedroom walls. By installing a thin soundproofing material onto the kids’ bedroom walls, you can insure they will never be disrupted by grown-ups talking or watching TV. This fix also means that the adults in the rest of the house don’t have to worry about making too much noise after the kids have gone to bed each day.

Keep Electrical Equipment Out Of The Bedroom

In a similar way to bright lighting, electrical equipment can play a huge role in disrupting kid’s sleep. However, it can be even worse due to the addictive nature of consoles and tablets, which make kids want to stay up far longer than they should. An easy solution to this problem is to make your children’s bedroom a place without electrical toys, gadgets and televisions. This will encourage them to read and will help them settle down to sleep much better. Don’t worry, though – they can still enjoy their electrical toys in other rooms in the house at earlier times in the day!