Decorating a master bedroom

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

The master bedroom plays an important part at the beginning and end of your day. Bedrooms need to be ergonomic enough to help get you up and dressed so that you are ready to take on the challenges of the day. In the evening, a bedroom needs to be a sanctuary of calmness where you can unwind before your head is ready for the pillow. All of this combined means decorating a master bedroom can be a difficult process of balancing all of these ideas. We have gathered together their best advice, tips and design ideas to help you decorate your master bedroom.


Select the bedroom style to suit you

When considering the bedroom style you want, you have to take into account what you want out of a bedroom to suit your needs, tastes and lifestyle. Are you someone that loves the assured look of a traditional style with its symmetrical arrangements and classic furniture pieces? For some, the vintage look can be quite appealing as antique forms can be found on a budget. Even minimalist bedrooms are popular for people who like lots of open spaces and sparsely decorated rooms.

If you’re the kind of person that loves everything to feel contemporary and tidy, a handleless bedroom certainly give that feel. With doors blending beautifully into the room, it creates that sense of calm as you know everything is away and in its place. The seamlessly smooth lines also help the smallest of bedroom spaces create the illusion of spaciousness. When it comes to redecorating your bedroom, maximising the space you have is vital.

Perhaps you are someone who likes their bedroom to stand out – and nothing stands out more than a high gloss bedroom. With a sleek vinyl finish or acrylic ranges, high gloss finishes will keep you relaxed and in awe of your sumptuous sanctuary. It will be a master bedroom that you can’t wait to return to everyday.


Fit the best bedroom units

A fresh new bedroom comes with a lot of space to fill and a lot of questions about how to fill it. It is quite easy to fill up every available space but does that make the room functional for you? You have to strike the perfect balance between how much storage you need, and how busy you want your master bedroom to feel when you rest.

Take complete control of your redecorating by placing beautiful made to measure bedroom units around your space. Storage is essential, especially if your current units do not fit the bill. Perhaps more space is needed with a double wardrobe. Fill that awkward corner space with a diagonal corner wardrobe for plentiful storage that is helpful while fitting into the bedroom aesthetic. Don’t forget to add tallboy units to complete your redecorated master bedroom, to ensure all of your clothes have their place.


Find the right bedroom doors for you

If a huge decoration job isn’t for you right now but you fancy a quick refresh of the entire look of your master bedroom, then look at changing your bedroom doors. Replacement bedroom and wardrobe doors allow you to redecorate a master bedroom at the fraction of the cost. Why not allow more light to project across your bedroom with some modern but classic feel shaker style wardrobe doors? This timeless look is one of the most popular bedroom designs today.

Do you think your bedroom doesn’t quite stand out? Create a visual impact by adding slab wardrobe doors. With these stunning designs, your wardrobe doors will suddenly become the focal point of your master bedroom. This new lease of life will be incredible, despite only decorating for little money.


Finish the room off with beautiful bedroom accessories

Redecorating your master bedroom should never end with the selection of your new wardrobe doors. There are some very subtle ways where you can enhance the look of your cupboard doors, wardrobe doors and drawer fronts with a selection of matching bedroom accessories. Grace your bed with a classic, unique Boston headboard to add some supreme elegance.

Even the smallest of accessories can make a big change, with door hinges that will help minimise any possible banging noises in your room of calm. Finally, allow your newly decorated master bedroom to reflect on its newfound beauty by fitting a magnificent round feature mirror, where you can admire your improvements from another view.

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