How to design an eco-friendly kitchen

How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

When it comes to designing your kitchen, it’s important to stay mindful of the effects that it may have on the environment. A professional kitchen designer will undoubtedly attempt to incorporate sustainability into the design whilst still maintaining a space that is functional, of high-quality and as welcoming as a traditional kitchen. 

From recycled materials to energy efficient appliances; environmentally friendly finishing options to accessories, there are a number of ways you can combine sustainability and style in your kitchen whilst helping support the environment. At Lark and Larks, we can help support you in your path to creating an eco-friendly kitchen that suits your tastes and budget.


Use recycled materials

It’s always important to be wary of the type of materials that you are using in your kitchen renovation, particularly if there are cheaper or more eco friendly alternatives. Using recycled materials such as stainless steel, glass and porcelain are great ways to help save on your environmental footprint. Our stainless steel kitchen handles are durable and resistant to damage, making them the perfect choice for your newly refurbished kitchen units and kitchen doors.

As well as kitchen accessories, it’s also important to consider the type of materials used in your worktops. Recycled glass is a great way to help save the environment as well as an opportunity to create a stunning design piece for you and your guests to admire. 


Create a timeless kitchen design

Designing an effective and sustainable kitchen all comes down to longevity. The more you have to replace or refurbish your kitchen, the less sustainable it is. The use of unnecessary resources, materials and toxins can be damaging to the environment, therefore it’s important to make sure you design a timeless kitchen that is comfortable, functional and as fashionable now as it will be in five, ten and even twenty years time. 

Our selection of bespoke painted, shaker and natural wood kitchens are perfect for those looking for that timeless feel. With a huge choice  of fitted kitchen styles available to buy online in a range of colours and designs, there is something for everyone.


Install energy efficient lighting

An increasing number of households are opting for sustainable fuels as well as energy efficient lighting. Both are a great way to help save money and boost the sustainability of your household. LED kitchen lights use very low power consumption whilst still maintaining a long lifespan. This energy efficient choice means you can save a considerable amount on both electricity bills and the cost of replacement lamps. 

HD LED lights alone use only 1.7 Watts per fitting and depending on the number of fittings you have,  could reduce your annual energy output by up to 80 percent. Increase these chances by adding dimmer switches to your kitchen lights and using LED bulbs in all your appliances. These small changes make a big difference when it comes to renovating to a more eco-friendly kitchen. 


Upgrade to touch-free appliances

By installing a touch free sink you can effectively minimise the amount of water waste as well as boosting efficiency and practicality in your new kitchen. An automatic shut off on your appliances will guarantee that you’re not wasting any unnecessary energy when it comes to your kitchen utilities. 

For more information on how you can go green and upgrade to a more eco-friendly kitchen, contact us today and let one of our advisors run through the best options for you and your home.