Feng Shui bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed in China which, in recent times, has been seen as the art of ‘placement’ in the home. Understanding the placement of objects within your home creates balance and harmony within your private space, bringing with it good fortune for people inhabiting the space.

Feng Shui is said to come in many forms, bringing good fortune to all who reside in that space. These include improved health, a successful career or a fulfilling love life. In the Western World, Feng Shui is used to impact the aesthetics of interior design, and the architectural layout of living and work spaces, creating positive energy in a clear, cohesive environment for the home.


How to incorporate Feng Shui in your bedroom

Incorporating an element of feng shui in your bedroom can help you to see improvements in your sleeping patterns and your quality of sleep too. Having a space which is free of clutter and distractions produces an environment in which you know you’re going to get a good sleep, whether it be a 12 hour inhabitation or a quick 40 winks.

A bedroom that has “good” feng shui promotes a harmonious flow of energy, is nourishing for the soul and is vibrant – it should lure you in, excite you and bring a clamess to you, all at the same time. This may seem like a lot to create in one space, however we have some tips for you to create this with ease and efficiency!


No electronics in the bedroom

Things like your television, laptop and phone are a total distraction, especially when the night draws to a close. The energy you attempt to create in your room is suddenly destroyed when these items are present in your room.

Electronics are made up of artificial light, which not only can disrupt sleeping patterns if used before bed, but create high EMFs (exposure to artificial devices and electricity) and also bring negative energy associated with either work or stress.

Leave the laptop at work, place your TV in your living room and turn your phone off an hour before bed, so you can retain this positive energy in your bedroom and achieve a better, more relaxed, nights sleep.


Create a higher quality of air

Be mindful of creating a higher quality of air that’s present in your bedroom. Ensuring you keep your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen makes it that much easier to enjoy the space, as well as help you bring an element of the outdoors to your space, without the stuffiness and stale nature you get when you’ve spent 8 hours in bed!

Keep your windows open on the sunny days to let some air and light in, and remember to regularly change your sheets to keep a fresh and clean bedspread.

Essential Oils are also a great way to purify your bedroom and bring positive, healthy properties to the space. Ensure that you choose actual essential oils that have living benefits (such as lavender or chamomile), rather than fragrance oils, which contain toxins – these are just going to distract you in your sleep.

That being said, plants and flowers are not good Feng Shui (unless you have a particularly large bedroom), as plants produce floral scents, which can be distracting in your sleep. Keep your plants to your garden, or your living space.


Consider your bed placement

When it comes to the placement of furniture (especially your bed) in your room, there are three things to remember:

  1. Have your bed approachable from both sides
  2. Keep two bedside tables on either side of the bed
  3. Avoid having your bed directly in line with the door, or with your back to the door when you’re sleeping

Keeping your bed approachable

Ensuring that your bed is approachable by both sides keeps balance within your room, even if you’re small on space, and brings a clear and de-cluttered environment. Having your bed pushed up against a wall or having one side obscured by furniture or belongings creates a ‘busy’ space – which doesn’t promote positive energy for sleeping.

Keeping bedside tables on either side of the bed

Again, to create balance and symmetry in your room, having bedside tables next to either side of the room brings balance and positive energy to the space. Bedside tables are also perfect to store extra bits that you may not have room for elsewhere, and keeps your clutter out of sight to ensure your bedroom is feng shui friendly!

Bed placement

Probably one of the most important elements of feng shui in the bedroom is the placement of your bed in the room. If your bed is off-centre, has its back to the door or is in an unusual spot, this is going to affect the look, layout and feel of the room.

Ensure that your bed is centred, and is not on the same wall as the bedroom door, or has its back to the wall or wardrobe doors – this brings negative energy, and disturbances whenever someone enters the space.


Consider colours, themes and artwork

Using colours and powerful imagery can create a soothing feng shui balance in your bedroom. The best colours for bedrooms are a range of natural skin colours, ranging across a spectrum of pale whites to rich browns – choosing colours within this range works well to create simple, calming bedroom decor.


Choosing your bedroom art should be considered wisely; consider the imagery and portrayal used, only selecting images that will reflect happy, nourishing energy. Display art that reflects how you want to feel in life – full of colours, emotions and happy relationships – these kinds of personal connections reflecting intimacy are sure to bring positive energy to the room.



Lighting is one of the most important elements of feng shui as light is our number one nutrient, and brings the strongest expression of energy in our lives. Offering several levels of lighting in your bedroom can create a really calming energy, especially in the later hours of the day.

Candles are a perfect light element to bring to your bedroom, as they not only clear negative energy, but they also bring an intimate and warm energy to the space. Using candles can be dangerous – so make sure the ones you use are toxin-free and you take the necessary precautions to ensure they are not a fire hazard before falling into a deep sleep.

If candles aren’t an option, try dimmer switches – these can also create a healing atmosphere, and bring comfort and warmth to your bedroom. Just make sure you turn the lights out before you head to sleep!


Bedroom energy

Creating a sense of privacy and security whilst you sleep is not only reassuring, but also creates a positive feng shui environment. Keeping all your bedrooms doors, closet doors and bathroom doors that lead onto your room at night allows for the most nourishing energy to strengthen within your bedroom.

Keeping doors closed creates an organised room, therefore creating a sense of peace and calm whilst you sleep. Rather than being “locked-in” your room, keeping doors and windows closed rather ensures the energy remains in your bedroom, and nourishes and strengthens whilst you sleep.

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom with some positive energy, take a look at our bedroom doors and units to keep your mess at bay! Let us know if you liked our tips in the comments below.