How to find the perfect colour pairings for your kitchen

The colours you choose for your kitchen can have a big impact on its final look. Whether you decide to go monochrome, pastel, moody, bright, minimal, or neutral, there are a large range of colour options to choose from.

Before you rush into any major colour choices though, at Lark & Larks, we offer a range of colour samples to help make your decisions easier. However, you may also want to take the following factors into account when considering colours for your kitchen:

How spacious is your kitchen? 

If you have a large kitchen, you are pretty much unlimited when it comes to colour choices. However, if your kitchen is relatively small, then it’s best to opt for a lighter colour scheme as this will make the room feel more open and spacious, in contrast to darker colours that can make the space feel more confined.

What aesthetic are you looking to achieve? 

Although most colour schemes will be suited to all aesthetics, it may be the case that some colours are more suited to one aesthetic over another, giving an edge to the finished look if you get the perfect match. 

What is the lighting like?

When choosing a colour scheme, take into consideration how much light there is in your kichen. For example, how many windows does your kitchen have? Do they light up the room or is it dull? Similarly, which direction does the room face (in regards to where the sun is and how much sun the room gets)? And what is the artificial lighting like? Is it warm or cool toned and does it light up the space well?

Are the colours complementary?

If you are not looking to replace flooring, countertops, blinds, handles, etc then it is important to assess whether your desired colours go well with your existing interior pieces. Do they complement each other? Or do they clash?

Once you have taken these factors into consideration, you can start thinking about colours!

Colour Pairing Examples

Below are a few examples of colour pairings for a variety of different schemes for you to fall in love with or take inspiration from.

There are a number of ways you can apply these colour pairings to your kitchen:

  • You can go for a two-toned cabinet layout, for example, bottom cabinets in one colour and top cabinets in another.
  • One side of the kitchen in one colour and the other side in the other.
  • Your kitchen island in the other colour to the rest of your kitchen.
  • If you would prefer to have all your cabinets the same colour, you could base the accent colour of the room, such as in decorations or paintwork, around the paired colour. 

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Finding the perfect colours can result in achieving your dream kitchen! For more advice on choosing the right colours for your kitchen, contact us today and our design experts can help transform your space.