How to Fit Replacement Kitchen Doors

In this article we will take a look at how to fit replacement kitchen doors. We will cover removing the existing doors, fitting the hinges and then finally fitting the door. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please get in touch

If you have not yet measured up you may want to start with our guide on how to measure up replacement kitchen doors


  • Removing your old doors
  • Removing the hinges
  • Fitting the hinges
  • Attaching the doors to the cabinet
  • Fine Adjustments

The different types of doors and hinges can make things tricky so if you have any questions at all, no matter how daft you may think they are, we assure you that our friendly, expert & helpful team are happy to help – get in touch

A quick note on hinges

Hinges are typically made up of two components:

  1. The hinge itself that attaches to the door 
  2. The backplate that attaches to the cabinet 
  3. Fitting the hinges to the new door

In this article we will refer to the hinge and the backplate as described here. 

Fitting your replacement doors

Right, let’s get these new doors fitted onto your kitchen cabinets. 

1. Removing your old doors

Remove the old doors by undoing the existing hinges. Always start by doing the bottom hinge as removing the top hinge first can put strain on the top hinge and damage the cabinet. 

2. Remove the hinges 

There are different types of hinges but generally they consist of the hinge and the backplate that the hinge attaches to. You will want to remove the hinge from the backplate and this will typically be done by releasing the clip or by loosening the screw that keeps the hinge in place. 

If you are using the same hinges you will want to then remove the hinges from the doors. If you are also reusing the handles you can remove those now as well. 

3. Fitting the hinges to the new door 

You will now want to fit the main part of the hinges to the new doors. Remember to ensure that the hinge stays at a perfect right angle to the door where it will attach to the backplate in the cabinet. 

4. Attaching the door to the cabinet

As when removing the door, you will want to fit the top hinge first to ensure you don’t put the door or hinges under any undue strain. Once you are happy with the top hinge you can attach the lower hinge. 

Firstly offer the door up to the cabinet and then screw into position. If things don’t quite line up the backplates are generally adjustable and can be moved a few millimeters up and down by loosening the screws and getting everything into position. 

5. Fine adjustments

Once the doors are attached you will likely need to make fine adjustments to get the doors perfectly aligned. This will take some work adjusting your hinges and then tightening once the doors open and close smoothly. 
If you follow this simple guide you should be able to replace your doors in no time. If you do get stuck, get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to help.