How to Improve your Kitchen Cabinets without All the Fuss

How well do your kitchen cabinets complement the rest of the kitchen? They’re a big part of the décor, and typically the feature that you notice first. If they don’t match the rest of the room it’s usually glaringly obvious! These important kitchen units are often replaced during a kitchen renovation, usually at great expense, and with a lot of inconvenience. For some people, the thought of that is enough to put them off the idea of redoing the kitchen altogether.

There’s a much better way to go about the whole ordeal, however. Instead of replacing the kitchen units themselves, you can simply purchase replacement kitchen cupboard doors, at a fraction of the cost, and just as important, with only a fraction of the time and inconvenience you’d have to put up with by installing an entire set of kitchen cabinets.

Update Your Kitchen For a Fraction of the Cost

Renovating a kitchen is not cheap. A typical set of kitchen units will set you back from anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000, or more, depending on the quality and type of materials you choose, and the size of your kitchen. That’s not even including the extras like handles, which can add hundreds of pounds onto the total.

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, and especially if you’re on a tight budget, there’s a much better way to update your cabinets. Instead of replacing the cabinets, purchase replacement kitchen cupboard doors—and achieve the same effect, but spend only a tiny fraction of the price of replacing the cabinets themselves.

A full set of kitchen doors definitely will not cost £2,000, nor even half that. In fact, you can typically replace an entire set of doors with a new made-to-measure set of your choosing for just a few hundred pounds. The price you pay depends on a number of factors, including the size and number of the doors you’re replacing, as well as the finish you choose for the set. No matter what your choices, however, the total cost will come in well under the price you’d pay for a complete set of cabinets. It’s definitely the most cost-effective option if you’re wanting to spend as little as possible on the renovation. On the other hand, saving money on the cabinets means more to spend on other aspects of the kitchen—a new dishwasher perhaps, or the top-of-the-line oven you’ve been dreaming about!

Sometimes Kitchen Door Replacement is All You Need

For many people, the main reason they want to replace their kitchen cabinets is that the cabinets themselves aren’t functional enough to meet their needs. In some cases, the original kitchen is poorly-designed, and the cabinet arrangement doesn’t work well. Sometimes, therefore, it’s more prudent to replace the cabinets themselves.

On the other hand, there are many cases where the reverse is true: the kitchen cabinets are ordered in a logical arrangement that makes them easy to use, and the kitchen already has a great layout—but the cabinets are old-fashioned or worn-out, or they just don’t mesh with the décor you want in the kitchen.

In situations like this, replacement kitchen cupboard doors are the perfect solution. If all you want to do is update the look of the cabinets, there’s absolutely no need to go to the trouble and expense of replacing them entirely. In these cases, it’s definitely the best option to save money, save time, save the trouble, and choose door replacement instead.

The Perfect Option for an Older Home

Replacing the kitchen doors, rather than the units themselves, is very often an ideal choice when you’re updating a kitchen in a home that’s several decades old. Newer kitchen cabinets tend to be light-weight, and not as solidly constructed, as those built twenty or thirty years ago. Now, the emphasis is on modular pre-built cabinets, simply because it’s easier and cheaper to manufacture those types of cabinets.

What does this mean in terms of your kitchen renovation? Simply that this is another situation where it might be more prudent to replace the kitchen doors, instead of the cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are older and well-constructed, replacing them with a new set might actually be a down-grade in terms of how well those cabinets will withstand wear and tear. Replacing only the doors, instead of the entire cabinet set, means you get the best of both worlds: a solidly-constructed set of kitchen cabinets that will last, that look fresh and modern thanks to updated cabinet doors.

This is also the environmentally-friendly choice: if your cabinets are already in good condition, functional, and well-made, there’s no reason to throw them away just because they’re looking a bit old-fashioned. Choosing replacement kitchen doors instead is definitely the responsible option.

A Quick and Easy Kitchen Facelift, Without the Inconvenience

Nothing improves an old and outdated-looking kitchen more effectively than new cabinets. They’re the dominant feature of the room, and new kitchen cabinets can entirely change the way the space looks. Having new kitchen units installed can take days, which means a great deal of inconvenience in the meantime—to say nothing of the mess that can be left afterwards!

Choose replacement kitchen cupboard doors instead, and the entire job can be finished much more quickly, and with little inconvenience to you. The kitchen units you already have remain completely intact, and replacing the old kitchen doors with new made-to-measure ones is both quick and simple. By replacing the doors only, you can have a new-looking kitchen in a fraction of the time it would take to replace the cabinets, and without any of the inconvenience that comes from having the entire kitchen in disarray.

Whatever your décor choices, it’s easy to choose kitchen cabinet doors that will look perfect in your new, updated kitchen. Replacement doors offer just as much variety in terms of colour and style choices as if you were replacing the cabinets themselves: you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, and pick out the perfect handles and accents. You won’t have to suffer through days (or maybe weeks) of the mess, noise, and inconvenience of replacement, and better yet, your kitchen will look fantastic!